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Zoe is Calvin's adopted little sister. Zoe is very nice to Calvin, unlike Susie, and Calvin likes her so much that she let her join G.R.O.S.S. Zoe is very smart, even though she plays with Calvin almost everyday, along with Hobbes. She first appeared homelessness on the street in Sister for Adoption, but when Calvin and her mother were driving past her, but after her mom saw her, she needed to give her a home. After the episode, she starts to become the tritagonist of the show.

The pilot episode of Calvin and Hobbes the All New Series is the remake of Sister for Adoption (Sibling Adoption); renamed Kaitlin Johnson.


Zoe wears a sky-blue blouse, a pink skirt and dark-pink slippers. Her alternate outfit is pictured on the left. And there was a mistake: Zoe does not have freckles.

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