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Two Loons and a Kid
Season 1, Episode 32
Air date May 1,2017
Written by garfieldodie
Directed by JaJaLoo
Production code 132
Episode guide
"Eggs for Calvin!"
"Gasping for Air"

Cast(in order of appearance):Calvin,Hobbes,Calvin's mother,Calvin's father,Dana,Socrates,Andy,Sherman


When Mom's sister is in town,Calvin and Hobbes are in charge of babysitting Calvin's cousin,Dana. But of course,things are a lot more complicated than they thought.

Full plot

One Friday afternoon, Calvin finds himself faced with a problem - his mother has left him to babysit his little cousin Dana while she's at the store, and his friends are coming over!  The duo resolve to be the best babysitters they can be (although it takes the other three a bit of begging to agree). Their attempts at feeding her go unrewarded, and she finds herself abandoned when the five attempt to set up their ultimate water balloon trap. Unsurprisingly, she wanders out into open traffic, and Calvin and Hobbes take after her. After a mishap involving accidentally picking up the wrong infant, the duo explode through the general store, getting kicked out. The MTM's tracking device shows her new location to be in the zoo... more specifically, about to go over a waterfall. Thankfully, it's not all that deep, but the river splits - the duo go down one path, Dana the other. She seems to be fine, but Calvin and Hobbes are soon separated thanks to a whirlpool. Meanwhile, Andy and Socrates get a call from Calvin's mom, who's coming home in half an hour! After quite a bit, Hobbes and Calvin reunite and find Dana with ten minutes left before Mom comes home. Back at the house, Andy ends up having to cover for him, which leads to a lot of blatant lies, but thankfully he comes home soon.​​​​


Two Loons and a Kid Transcript


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