Tom Kane will soon voice Principal Spittle in Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures. He would use his own voice, but much darker. His Prinipal Spittle voice is also used for Lord Zimusaki in the Jimmy Tallon episode, "Space Headhunters" and "Proffessor Heff" from the Moshlings TV series.

Tom Kane
Principal Spittle's voice portrayer
Tom Kane to voice Principal Spittle in 'Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures'

Date of Birth

April 15, 1962




Voice Portrayer

Years Active


Television Animation Voice Portraying Roles

Mr. Herriman on 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends'

Professor Utonium and Him on 'The Powerpuff Girls'

Darwin on 'The Wild Thornberries'

Movie Voice Portraying Roles

Lord Monkey Fist in 'Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time'

Video Game Voice Portraying Roles

Yoda in 'Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars'

Live Action Voice Portraying Roles

The Wisdom Tooth in 'The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth'

Disney Parks Voices

Star Wars Parade-2011 Parade Announcer


Overland, Park, Kansas, USA