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The Many Adventures of Calvin and Hobbes
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Created by

Bill Watterson

Directed by

Paul Tibbitt

”The Many Adventures of Calvin and Hobbes” is a 2018 traditionally animated tv show created by Bill Watterson. It follows the adventures of Calvin, Hobbes, and their new friends in the fictional town of Watterson, Ohio. The first episode aired on March 21, 2018 and airs regularly on Wednesdays on Cartoon Network. The series was written by Bill Watterson and was directed by Paul Tibbitt. The cast includes Jacob Hopkins as Calvin, Ricky Gervais as Hobbes, Kenan Thompson as Isaac, and Max Charles as Norman.


  • Jacob Hopkins  as Calvin Thompson
  • Ricky Gervais as Hobbes
  • Kenan Thompson as Isaac Gray
  • Max Charles as Norman Redberg
  • Olivia Cooke as Susie Derkins
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Mom (Jennifer Thompson)
  • Bill Murray as Dad (Alfred Thompson)
  • Tilda Swinton  as Miss Wormwood
  • Jeff Goldblum as Principal Spittle
  • Tye Sheridan as Moe
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Rosalyn


Season 1 (March 21, 2018-August 1, 2018)

Episode production number Overall


Plot Airdate Special Guest Star
New Kid on the Block 1a. 1a. Calvin and Hobbes try to get rid of a new neighbor. March 21, 2018 Jacob Batalon as Woodrow
Hawk-eytown 1b. 1b. Calvin must come with an excuse for his book report when a hawk snatches it. March 21, 2018 N/A
Tracer Bullet and the Case of the Unusual Behavior 2a. 2a. When people start acting weird on his birthday, Calvin suits up as Tracer Bullet and sets out to investigate. March 28, 2018 N/A
Harvey’s Partner 2b. 2b. After Principal Spittle gets fired, Calvin decides to help the new principal, Principal Harvey, steal a Ulysses Grant artifact after hearing he will become famous for it. March 28, 2018 Martin Freeman as Harvey
The Brown Bag 3a. 3a. Calvin brings a paper bag to school. He won’t tell anyone what’s in it, but it will help him with his test. April 4, 2018 N/A
Magic Carpet Ride 3b. 3b. Calvin and Hobbes take a ride... on Mom’s rug. April 4, 2018 N/A
Calvin Buffs Up 4a. 4a. Tired of Moe picking on him, Calvin decides to get stone hard abs so he can get back at him. April 11, 2018 N/A
Now That’s Just G.R.O.S.S 4b. 4b. Calvin and Hobbes start a club, but it backfires when they accidentally push the family car into a ditch. April 11, 2018 N/A
Calvin the Mechanic 5a. 5a. Dad is forcing Calvin to pay for the plumbing damage that he (Calvin) caused, so the latter gets a part time job. April 18, 2018 N/A
Binocular Disaster 5b. 5b. Calvin breaks his dad’s binoculars, so he asks Hobbes how to break the news. April 18, 2018 N/A
Duped 6a. 6a. Calvin creates a duplicating device, but things get out of hand when he clones himself. April 25, 2018 N/A
S is for Stupid 6b. 6b. Calvin flunks his exams, and since Hobbes blamed him for his failures, he gets Isaac as a tutor. April 25, 2018 N/A
Invasion on Almond Avenue 7a. 7a. When aliens land on Calvin’s street, Calvin tricks them into doing his homework. May 2, 2018 Ben Kingsley as Galaxoid

Harrison Ford as Nebular

The Great Greatness War 7b. 7b. Calvin and Hobbes fight over whether humans or animals are better. May 2, 2018 N/A
Tunaless 8a. 8a. When the cupboard is all out of tuna, Calvin must get some more before Hobbes finds out. May 9, 2018 N/A
Crash Bang Wallop! 8b. 8b. In his first big get-rich-quick scheme, Calvin sets up a wrestling match, but things get out of hand when Moe’s friends arrive. May 9, 2018 N\A
Vote! (AKA Calvin for President) 9. 9. Calvin runs for student council president, but he ends up running against Susie. July 4, 2018 N/A
Chocolate-Coated Spinach 10a. 10a. Calvin finds an unusual ingredient in a new candy bar, so he looks it up, and it’s Shocking. May 16, 2018 N/A
10b. 10b. May 16, 2018 Ozzy Osbourne as himself
The Time Capsule 11a. 11a. The gang finds a time capsule from 1968. May 23, 2018 N/A
Dentist Appointment 11b. 11b. Calvin tries to survive a dentist appointment. May 23, 2018 Bob Balaban as the dentist
Thunderstruck! 12a. 12a. Hobbes gets struck by lightning, and can’t remember anything when he wakes up. May 30, 2018 N/A
Calvin’s Mural 12b. 12b. Calvin is caught up as a suspect in the investigation of vandalism on the school wall. May 30, 2018 N/A
Revenge of the Babysat 13a. 13a. Calvin and Hobbes decide to pull an ultimate prank on Rosalyn. June 6, 2018 N/A
Don’t Mess with the NFL 13b. 13b. After losing to Isaac’s New Orleans Saints in NFL 18, Calvin asks for Drew Brees’ character to be removed from the game. However, this grabs attention of the REAL Drew Brees. June 13, 2018 Drew Brees as Himself
The Oddities of Curiosities 14a. 14a. Calvin grows curious in the psychology behind his friends. June 20, 2018 Martin Freeman as Harvey
When Life Gives You Lemons 14b. 14b. Calvin and Hobbes set up a lemonade stand. June 24, 2018 N\A
Hobbes to the Future 15a. 15a. Calvin and Hobbes try to go to the future using a time machine. June 25, 2018 N\A
Haunted Hobbes 15b. 15b. Hobbes dies when he runs off a cliff. Fortunately, He’s a ghost, and he’ll be human again if the gang finds his body. The bad news is there’s a bear in the woods. June 26, 2018 N\A
Door to Door 16a. 16a. Calvin decides to go door-to-door and sell cookies. June 27, 2018 N\A
Just a Normal Day 16b. 16b. Calvin and the gang decide to go have fun around town, much to the annoyance of others. June 28, 2018 Brian Cox as the Police Sheriff
Detention Center 17a. 17a. Hobbes, Isaac and Norman try to bust Calvin out of a detention center after he, uh, How should I put this, ”discovers and uses fire”. June 29, 2018 N\A
Ambush! 17b. 17b. G.R.O.S.S plans an attack on Susie. June 30, 2018 N/A
Penguins SUCK! 18a. 18a. Calvin tries to purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins so he can fold them. July 11, 2018 Evgeni Malkin as Himself

Sidney Crosby as Himself

I Didn’t Think I’d Break my Leg 18b. 18b. Calvin breaks his leg after having a really stupid idea. July 18, 2018 N/A
Fake Snow Ski Resort 19a. 19a. Calvin buys a bucket of fake snow and uses it to create a ski resort. July 25, 2018 N/A
The Cousin 19b. 19b. Calvin's baby cousin Nolan comes to visit, and Calvin thinks he's getting all the attention. July 25, 2018 N/A
Calvin vs. The Minecraft God 20a. 20a. Calvin gets blocked from Minecraft after making vulgar comments on a Christian server. August

1, 2018

Notch as Himself

Jebb as Himself

The New Puppy 20b. 20b. Isaac gets a new puppy named St. Fluffy, and asks Calvin and Norman to look after it. August

1, 2018


Season 2 (October 30, 2019-March 18, 2020)

Episode Production Number Overall Number Plot Airdate Special

Guest Star

A Really Insane Halloween Special 1. 21. Calvin and Hobbes go trick-or-treating, and things get crazy from there. October

30, 2019

William Hurt as Horse Mask Guy

Hugo Weaving as Dwarf Guy

Calvin’s Treasure Hunt 2a. 22a. The gang builds a boat to find treasure but instead finds something much...much more special. November

6, 2019

The Noodle Incident 2b. 22b. Calvin and Norman have to volunteer at the cafeteria for a prank on the teacher and manage to set a pot of water. November

6, 2019

The Return of Harvey 3a. 23a. When Harvey breaks into the school to get revenge on Calvin, he gets more than he bargained for. November

13, 2019

Martin Freeman

as Harvey

Ninjas 3b. 23b. Calvin and Norman decide to become Ninjas. November

13, 2019

Calvin Vs. The Psychiatrist 4a. 24a. Calvin goes to the School Psychiatrist‘s office, but won’t leave without causing some chaos. November

20, 2019

TBA as the Psychiatrist
Operation: Annoy Susie 4b. 24b. Calvin and Norman have a contest to see who can annoy Susie more. November

20, 2019

Community Service 5a. 25a. Calvin gets community service for pelting a Bus with eggs. November

27, 2019

A G.R.O.S.S Mission 5b. 25b. G.R.O.S.S tries to discover more about Susie’s “Spying app” (Shazam). November

27, 2019

Area 51 6a. 26a. Calvin discovers an extraterrestrial project started by Isaac and Harvey. December

4, 2019

Martin Freeman

as Harvey

Moneyball (Sorta) 6b. 26b. Calvin joins the baseball team to prove he’s not a loser. December

4, 2019

The Snow War 7a. 27a. A blizzard closes the school and turns Watterson into a battleground. December

11, 2019

Grocery Gamble 7b. 27b. Calvin, Hobbes and Norman get locked in Walmart after closing. December

11, 2019

Beginner’s Luck 8a. 28a. Isaac thinks Calvin is cheating at Slides & Ladders when he wins 10 times in a row. December 18, 2019 N/A
The Idiot Test 8b. 28b. Calvin creates a test to determine which people are idiots. December

18, 2019

Christmas in Watterson 9-10 29-30 A Collection of four half-Episodes about Watterson preparing for Christmas. December

25, 2019

John Goodman as Santa
The Horn 11a. 31a. Isaac discovers Calvin stole his French horn to entertain a sick Hobbes, and must go through torture to get it January 1, 2020 N/A
Dog Show 11b. 31b. Isaac and Calvin dress St. Fluffy up for the 14th Annual New Year’s Dog Show. January 1, 2020 N/A
Paranormal Baking 12a. 32a. Ever since an Easy-Bake Oven arrived on Calvin’s doorstep, food has been randomly appearing every night, So He, Hobbes and Isaac investigate with a camera. January 8, 2020 Adam DeVine as WPD Officer
The Cookie Ban 12b. 32b. Oreos and Chips Ahoy! are outlawed in Ohio (by Isaac’s Dad), so Hobbes tries to eat them in secret. January 8, 2020 Idris Elba as Isaac's dad
Calvin Aprende Español 13a. 33a. Calvin learns Spanish so he can roast people without getting in trouble. January 15, 2020 N\A
Norman and the Fugitive 13b. 33b. Norman’s Family allows a gypsy to stay in their condo, but little do they know that the ”Traveler” is a wanted art thief. January 15, 2020 N\A
The Big Flood 14. 34. When a creek overflows during heavy rainfall and floods Watterson, it’s up to Calvin and Hobbes to save the day! January 22, 2020 Jason Schwartzman as Mayor Norris
The Monster Next Door 15a. 35a. Calvin and Hobbes hear strange sounds coming from their neighbor’s house, and set out to find his secret. January 29, 2020 N\A
Tracer Bullet and the Case of the Missing Teacher 15b. 35b. Tracer Bullet and Tiger Eye are on the case when Mrs. Wormwood suddenly disseapears During a class trip to the art museum. January 29, 2020 Emily Blunt as Tour Guide

Sylvester Stallone and  Kelsey Grammer as security guards

Quack Quack! 16a. 36a. Calvin is diagnosed with the Common Flu by his dad, So he makes Hobbes his personal doctor to avoid getting a shot from a real one. February 5, 2020 Adam Scott as Calvin's doctor
It’s Gatorade Time! 16b. 36b. Calvin sells Gatorade and Girl Scout Cookies at a stand for his first Get-rich-quick scheme in a while. February 5, 2020 Corey Kluber as Himself
Isaac the Witch Doctor 17a. 37a. Isaac must use his Voodoo knowledge when Calvin gets possesed by and evil spirit. February 12, 2020 N\A
Hobbes‘ Valentine 17b. 37b. Hobbes writes a valentine with the name replaced by numbers, and Calvin wants to know who it’s for. February 12, 2020 N\A
38a. February 19, 2020 N/A
Windsor 18b. 38b. Calvin’s Family goes on vacation in Windsor, Canada. February 19, 2020 N/A
St. Fluffy gets Sick 19a. 39a. St. Fluffy falls ill, and Isaac can’t trust him with the vet. February 26, 2020 TBA as the Vet
Master of Disguise 19b. 39b. An innocent mistake sends Calvin on the run from the law, and the only way to escape is with a disguise. February 26, 2020 N/A
That’s So Offensive! 20a. 40a. One of Calvin’s duplicates makes a cooking show with offensive jokes, and Calvin has to track him down. March 4, 2020 N/A
42 20b. 40b. Hobbes tries to answer every question in the universe. March 4, 2020 N/A
The Grim Reaper Knows What Calvin and Hobbes did Tonight 21a. 41a. Calvin and his friends sneak out to see “Grim Reaper II: Attack of the Ghouls” only to seemingly be stalked by the movie’s villain. March 11, 2020 N/A
How Long has it Been since the Thompson Incident? 21b. 41b. After a prank ruins the reputation of the marching band, Calvin and Norman are forced into hiding. But when they return, nobody remembers them and there‘s a new principal! March 11, 2020 Henry Winkler as Principal Lewis
Calvin the Daredevil 22. 42. Calvin wins an audition for a daredevil TV special, and the producer keeps inflating his ego. March 18, 2020 David Tennant as TV Producer Barry Cuda

Season 3 (September 1, 2021-)

Episode Production Number Overall Number Plot Airdate Special Guest Star
Follow That Tiger! 1-2. 43-44. After being relocated to Lousiana, Hobbes decides to head back home September

1, 2021

Ian Holm as Hamilton
I Dated My Nemesis 3a. 45a. Calvin goes out with Susie to get concert tickets. September

8, 2021

Doki Doki Model United Nations 3b. 45b. Norman Joins Model United Nations to get a girlfriend, bit must keep his motive secret from G.R.O.S.S. September

8, 2021

Commander Spittle 4a. 46a. Calvin and Norman must act responsible while staying at Principal Spittle’s house for a night. (That ain’t happening...) September

15, 2021

Paperboys 4b. 46b. The Gang dress up a members off the school newspaper in order to obtain free lunch (that actually tastes good!), but the plan collapses when Calvin is mistaken for an actual reporter. September

15, 2021

Calvin vs. Basketball 5a. 47a. Calvin decides to destroy basketball in his neighborhood. September

22, 2021

Jacob Batalon as Woodrow
Calvin's Avengers 5b 47b When the cast of The Avengers comes to Calvin's school fair, events start happening related to the first Avengers comic. September 22, 2021 Robert Downey Jr. as himself

Chris Hemsworth as himself

Mark Ruffalo as himself

Chris Evans as himself

Scarlett Johansson as herself

Jeremy Renner as himself

You (Didn’t) Win! 6a. 48a. Calvin wins a class election, but Mrs. Wormwood won’t tell him, scared he’ll Abuse his power. September

29, 2021



6b. 48b. The gang must come up with $25 for a restuarant bill or face community service again. September

29, 2021



In fall 2015, Bill Watterson was approached by Wes Anderson to make an animated series based off of ”Calvin and Hobbes”. He agreed, as long as merchandising was limited. Anderson then found Life is cruel Productions and it’s sister company Good Dog Animation Inc. in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and teamed up with Paul Tibbitt. After two years of development, Animator Jake Racks released a sneak peek containing a clip from the episode The Brown Bag. The official pilot, New kid on the block, aired two months later.


Calvin and Hobbes week (June 2018)

In this event, a new Calvin and Hobbes Episode Premiered every day of the last week of June.


The Many Adventures of Calvin and Hobbes reached high popularity with fans, and is considered “the third greatest thing ever to happen to Cartoon Network” by ChannelFrederator. The show’s success spawned a console video game, set to be released after the premiere of season 2. A movie is also expected to be released sometime in 2022.


  • This series introduces Calvin’s new friends: Isaac and Norman.
  • However, they do not debut in “New kid on the block”. They first appear in “Hawk-eytown”.
  • This Series is Jeff Goldblum’s twelfth voice acting role, and his eighth one for TV.
  • The show currently has 7 episodes based off of story arcs. They are: New kid on the block (Unnamed arc where Susie is introduced.) The Brown bag (Unnamed Stupendous Man arc), Now That’s Just G.R.O.S.S. (Unnamed G.R.O.S.S, arc), Binocular disaster (Unnamed arc), Magic Carpet Ride (Unnamed arc) Duped (Scientific Progress Goes Boink), Moneyball (Sorta) (Unnamed baseball arc) and Invasion on Almond Avenue (Unamed Galaxoid and Nebular arc).
  • The Episodes “Calvin Buffs Up” and “Now That’s Just G.R.O.S.S.” are dedicated to the Victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.