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Stupendous Man is one of Calvin's many alter egos and an attempted superhero by Calvin. Calvin puts on a red mask and cape wich his mom made him, and pretends that other people (mostly the women in his life that he hates) are villains or monsters. When things begin to tilt away from his favor, he takes off the costume, and becomes "mild-mannered" Calvin once more. In the movies and TV shows,he is played byWill Ferrell. In Calvin and Hobbes the Series and the Calvin and Hobbes Movie saga,he is portrayed by Nathan Fillion, who also plays Spaceman Spiff and Tracer Bullet


Stupendous Man is Calvin's second most-frequently employed alter ego, even though, according to Calvin, Stupendous Man has only won "moral victories" and not physical ones. He usually gets in trouble.  Stupendous Man is also Calvin's most powerful alter ego, achieving such feats as flying a telescope lens into the atmosphere and turning time back a day. However, these powers are largely wasted, either on supervillains Stupendous Man cannot defeat or on ultimately futile plans, such as getting mild-mannered Calvin another day out of school. During one comic, Calvin made a chant for Stupendous Man, however, it appears he cannot spell "Stupendous":

S for Stupendous!
T for Tiger, ferocity of!
U for Underwear, red!
P for Power, incredible!
E for Execllent physique!
N for something ...hmm, well I'll come back to that...
D for Determination!
U for ...for... wait, how do you spell this? Is it "I"?

Calvin never finished his chant.

JaJaLoo's Finished version

S for Stupendous!

T for Tiger,ferocity of!

U for Underwear,red!

P for Power,Incredible!

E for Excellent Physique!

N for Neutral Enemies to fight!

D for Determination

O for Orangish-red Costume!

U for Underwear,again!

S for Stupendous Man!

Known Powers

  • Ultra-sonic hearing
  • Stomach of steel
  • Flight
  • Augmented speed and strength
  • High-speed vision
  • Stupendous powers of reasoning
  • Stupendous powers of concentration
  • Stupendous muscles of magnitude


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