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A series in Calvin and Hobbes began as an attempt by Calvin to bestow life on a snowman by invoking the "deranged mutant killer monster show goons." ("great and terrible snow goons" in Snow Goon Showdown) The attempt went wrong and instead of the snowman slave, servant or butler he set out to create, Calvin got a growling, lurching, hostile monstrosity which he described to Hobbes as a "deranged mutant killer monster snow goon" (The phrase was used as the basis of the title of the Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons printed collection). The goon went on to create others of its kind; at least one had two heads. Calvin and Hobbes finally killed them by spraying them with the hose while they were sleeping around his house. He made a sign sometime later stating that 40-something snowmen met "a gruesome fate" on the spot of Calvin's house. However, this is probably unlikely, as the strip in which the sign appeared came before the story arc.

In Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures episode Evil Returns the snow goons were revived by Dr. Brainstorm along with Calvin's good side, the other clones for his army and Dark Calvin, but they were all sucked back in the Revive-o-tron. Everyone else and the duplicates escaped.

Moon Goons

Moon Goons are alien variants of Snow Goons that live of planet Zok.

In The Calvin and Hobbes Movie

They were gruesome snowmen created by Calvin, Hobbes, and Susie. Galaxoid and Nebular brought them to life to use them as an army to take over the world. All the snow goons attacked Calvin's hometown and chased after people. They did not feel pain and would put themselves back together after they were injured. Two snow goons went into Calvin's house and chased his parents, who hid in the bathroom. Calvin and Hobbes were chased by another snow goon, and Susie noticed the creatures attacking people and got out her toboggan. When the snow goon cornered Calvin and Hobbes at a cliff, they held it back by throwing snowballs at it. Susie then rode her toboggan into the snow goon, smashing it into pieces and knocking the pieces off the cliff. When Calvin, Hobbes, and Susie rode their toboggan over to the school, the snow goons chased them, but were kept at bay by Calvin and Hobbes' snowballs. Once they got to the school, Calvin froze several snow goons with the sprinkler system, forming a barrier. All the snow goons were turned back into regular snowmen when Galaxoid and Nebular's ship was destroyed.

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