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Andy's pet hamster was an experiment at some university, and he is now named Sherman J. Hamster and is a renowned genius. He has a secret lab under Andy's house and a not-so-secret resentment towards Hobbes and Socrates. Sherman truly is good-natured, but with such great knowledge come a great big honkin' ego. He enjoys citing interesting facts and reminiscing back on the days at the university. His hostility towards Hobbes and Socrates stems from the food chain, of which Sherman is close to the bottom on. They respond by referring to him as "Vermin". Andy is his only true friend. As for Calvin, the two had a similar relationship to the one between Hobbes and Sherman, but as the show progressed, they have gotten along better as Sherman is usually the first to catch on to Calvin's plans, and Calvin sometimes tries to help him out of Hobbes and Socrates' teasing. He is voiced by Rob Paulson. In Calvin and Hobbes the Series and the Calvin and Hobbes Movie saga,he is portrayed in motion capture by Ty Burrell. 

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