Selling Out
Season 5, Episode 16
Air date January 20, 2015
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"43... That Is the Number"
"24-Hour Challenge"
Cast(in order of appearance): Calvin Jacobson, Hobbes Jacobson, Susie Derkins, Andy Adams, Socrates, Mr. Jacobson, Mrs. Jacobson, Sherman, Moe Washington, Miss Wormwood, Dr. Brainstorm, Jack, Iron Calvin, MTM, Principal Spittle, Galaxoid and Nebular, Mr. Bun, Simon Adkins, Carol Derkins, Dark Calvin, Avery Elmhurst, Albert Johnson, Tyler Roseman, Magical Tiger, Rupert, Earl, Nivlac and Sebboh, Snow Goons


Due to this being the hundredth episode, all the characters have a barbecue pool party. But after, they soon realise they're out of ideas.


Selling Out Transcript


  • Calvin's and Mr. Jacobson's bathing suits was first seen in a strip.
  • Carol Derkins' body is from Susie's Transformation.
  • The two-hundredth episode probably would be somewhere in Season 10.