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How did that girl get there?!

Sally is basically what Calvin would look like if he was a girl, but her personalty is more like Hobbes. She owns Athlea. Currently she is only seen in Calvin and Hobbes 2. She knows kung fu and karate.


Calvin apparently thought of Sally and Athlea one day, becuase they were created using the Imagianatior(Rupert's machine into turn imagination real), when Calvin was slowly brainwashed. For some reason, Sally and Athlea popped out of Calvin's brain. However, Calvin did not notice, since he was being brainwashed.

Role in Calvin and Hobbes 2

In one scene of Imagination the movie, Magical Tiger was put in charge to make groups and everybody would split up to do something. Sally and Athlea's part (along with Socrates) was to get a new ship for the team. Also, like everyone else in the movie, Sally fought some villains, but did not kill anyone, like some people did.

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