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The crew of Rupert's ship in Calvin and Hobbes 2 investigating Calvin while his imagination is being used for power, brainwashing him.

Rupert Chill is the leader of a band of aliens from planet Zok and the main villain of Calvin and Hobbes 2. After finding out that Calvin was to be the leader of Earth by Galaxoid and Nebular, he and his minions plot to destroy Calvin and take over the earth. He would have done it sooner with his right hand man Earl if their crew wasn't so stupid. He is one of the few villains that Calvin and Hobbes fear. Dopey Alien is the captain of his ship. He was a cliffhanger in Calvin and Hobbes 1.5. He was mentioned in Calvin and Hobbes: the series. Bryan Cranston portrays him in the Calvinverse, while Javier Bardem voices him in Imagination the movie. Bardem reprised his role for The Final Battle

In the movie, he kidnapped Iron Calvin v2.0 using his robotic arm, when he spotted him flying. He also spotted Calvin on his campsite and landed on the nearest island there. He was teaming up with Dr. Brainstorm, but Hobbes reasoned why he should be a hero. He was defeated when Dopey Alien crashed ships ship on Zok, and then Dopey Alien crashed an escape pod again on Ankor, where the Ankorians copy Rupert's and Earl's abilities. They were not killed, though.

Rupert and Earl return in The Invasion. They injure Calvin majorly and send an armanda to the city, just like what Dark Calvin's second form ordered from his demons. He was defeated in the finale. Surprisingly enough, he and Earl appear only in the episodes of the miniseries that only have "The Invasion (Part X)" titles.



  • Leonard Nimoy was going to play him before he died.

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