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His office is located at the end of the main hallway, just a few steps down from Calvin's locker. He's had a low profile in the strip's run.

Principal Spittle is seen as a middle-aged man who always wears a suit, has balding hair, and wears glasses. He may not fully enjoy his job as hinted in one strip where Calvin and Susie both yelled, "PLEASE DON'T PADDLE US!" while a thought bubble showed him thinking " I hate this job". Moreover, his expression is one of constant boredom in the face of Calvin's antics as Miss Wormwood often sends him to the principal's office. He is portrayed by Tyson Ritter in all media. In The Calvin and Hobbes Show , he is portrayed by Tom Cruise.


Principal Spittle usually tries to keep the school in order, and tries to handle things in an organized matter. He normally gets annoyed with Calvin's antics, and attempts to stop him when he can. He also can be easily gullible.


  • In one episode of The Calvin and Hobbes Show it is revealed that Principal Spittle orginally taught 5th Grade at the school for 5 years before The Superintendent was promoted and gave the job to Principal Spittle. 

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