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Magical Tiger is a character who does not only appear in the full Calvin and Hobbes movie trilogy, but also appears in Birth of a Friendship, the first episode of Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures. He is Hobbes' friend who is half tiger and half genie. He has a lab that has his potions. He is voiced by David Thewlis.

In the first movie, Hobbes introduces him to Calvin so that he can give him a potion to get his imagination back. After drinking several potions, he imagines a place selling spaceships. That wastes all his imagination, and Hobbes turns into his stuffed form.

Magical Tiger usually likes to help out people and cheer people up, for example helping Tracer Bullet fly Spaceman Spiff's ship, or making Calvin think less about Tracer's death and how Avery got amnesia.

In Calvin and Hobbes 2, Magical Tiger wore MTM and decided he would be in charge of splitting the team up. After he decided for everyone else(except Stupendous Man and Derek)he said that him, MTM(obviously, since he was wearing him)and Spaceman Spiff would help delete the files off Rupert's computer.

 In Calvin and Hobbes 3, he and Zoe find Calvin, who was knocked out by Susie Derkins. Magical Tiger summoned Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man from his brain and gave Calvin slighty less powerful sword compared to Susie's so that he can defeat her(and does so later in the movie). One of his jobs was to distract the guards(because he was very powerful with his magic)along with Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man. He was one out of the four that Iron Calvin v2.0 was shooting at during the final ten minutes of the movie.

In Birth of a Friendship, it is revealed that Magical Tiger gave Hobbes the ability to act more anthropomorphic.

Magical Tiger is also a playable character in The Calvin and Hobbes Movie Game.

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