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Iron Calvin v2.0, Iron Calvin's current form In the movies.

Iron Calvin is a robot version of Calvin. He is Dr. Brainstorm's other "child" and is friends with Jack. He doesn't do harm to our heroes, but he cares for his creator like a father. He is not a villain, but still helps his "dad" with his experiments he likes Calvin and his friends.

In Time for Tuna, Hobbes was trapped in Dr. Brainstorm's dungeon in order for him to create his own "Iron Hobbes", a reference to the later episode of Iron Calvin that has the same name.

Iron Calvin's normal look.

Role in the Calvin and Hobbes movie trilogy

In the first movie, Calvin tried so hard to imagine something that he successfully managed to teleport Iron Calvin. However, he was forced by Dark Calvin to be a guard at his castle. He took his batteries and placed them with his evil robotic batteries. During his life with these batteries he had red eyes and spotted Avery Elmhurst trying to shut down the portal to ruin Calvin's imagination. Avery tried to fight but he was too weak for his eye beams. She gave up and ran away, Iron Calvin running after her. The portal had just activated, and sucked Iron Calvin up.

In Calvin and Hobbes 1.5, Iron Calvin was recreated by Susie Derkins, now called Iron Calvin v2.0. He was updated with powerful eye beams and a built-in GPS.

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