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Calvin's future counterpart

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In the Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures episode Days of Future Lost, the main characters of the show meet themselves in the future on a spaceship. Their personalities seem a lot more different than their present counterparts. They look more grungy and post-apocalypse type, probably a reference to the next episode, The Invasion, where an alien apocalypse occurs (Adult Calvin even foreshadowed this).

Adult Calvin

Adult Calvin is more of a teenager than an adult. He has almost no difference between the personality of his younger self, other than not playing with Hobbes anymore. He wears a baseball cap backwards. He is the father of Simone and Camus, and married with Adult Susie, a possible reference to the Calvin and Hobbes fan comic, "Hobbes and Bacon", where Calvin and Susie have a daughter named Bacon.

Present Calvin enjoys hanging out with him, unlike the other present counterparts. This may be because in a Calvin and Hobbes strip, when Calvin and Hobbes leave after they accidentally time travelled into the time of the dinosaurs, Calvin at least wanted to go back "a little bit into the future so [he] can see [him]self as a teenager".

Adult Hobbes

Adult Hobbes is more acknowledgable to the others. He was not seen by the adult characters. The present characters still saw him, in a mysterious abandoned spot in their spaceship. Compared to his present's appearance, he looks normal, but has some gray hairs and a more low-towned voice.

Adult Susie

Adult Susie is married to Adult Calvin and is the mother of Simone and Camus. She doesn't like it when he and Present Calvin hang out. She looks more realistic, like her adult human form from the comic.

Simone and Camus



Although they are not adults, Simone and Camus are the son and daughter of Adult Calvin and Adult Susie, respectively. Camus is male and goes to first grade, making him six (also the same age as Present Calvin). Simone is the female and goes to kindergarten, making her five. Their relationship is similar to present Calvin and Hobbes. Camus' appearance in similar to Tyler Roseman's.

Simone's action in the pictures on the right seems similar to what Hobbes was doing in a panel of this strip. The action ofCamus is similar to Calvin's action in the last panel of this strip.

Bacon and Brunette

Main article: Bacon
Main article: Brunette

Bacon and Brunette are not in the episode, but are in the movies. They are both Calvin's and Susie's daughters from separate alternate universes.

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