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Frank Brainstorm is an evil genius who isn't that evil or that much of a genius. His ultimate goal in life is to invent something so incredibly dangerous and diabolical, that it would frighten everyone into making him the ultimate leader of the world. The downside, however, is that every single invention he makes has something wrong with it, that he can't fix. His robot servant Jack does the opposite of whatever he tells it to do, his hypercube is always jamming up, and his robot assistant is smarter than he is. One trademark about Brainstorm is that he's always yelling. And being the stupid genius he is, he's always coming up with some other weird idea to yell about. He still thinks that Hobbes and Socrates are robots, despite every single bit of proof that they aren't and that Calvin is out to "overthrow him". He is voiced by Will Forte. In Calvin and Hobbes the Series and the Calvin and Hobbes Movie saga,he is voiced by Tom Cruise. In later installments, Dr. Brainstorm is more shown of an ally to the group rather than the enemy, the most primary example is Calvin and Hobbes II:Lost at Sea.


He wears a lab coat with a black shirt underneath, as well as green gloves, brown pants and black shoes. During his first few episodes, he had yellow eyes that were always out of focus, to give him more of the "stupid" look. Starting in more recent episodes, his eyes have turned grass green, and are no longer out of focus, since his personality gives him enough stupidity as it is. He also has bright red hair that sticks straight upward into spikes as if he had been electrocuted.


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