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Obviously, these are passive creatures. Nothing wrong with them at all.

The Dopey Alien is a minor character in the Calvin and Hobbes movie series. He is a Hylaorian-type alien who apparently is the driver of Rupert's ship.

In the epilogue of Calvin and Hobbes 1.5, Dopey Alien informed Rupert he was just about to crash his ship. It is unknown how Rupert's ship got up into the air, since the ship was seen flying again in Calvin and Hobbes 2. In Calvin and Hobbes 2, he crashes the ship again and they land on Zok. They soon escape in an escape pod, and the Dopey Alien soon crashes the escape pod too on Ankor. This fires him. The Ankorians copied Rupert and Earl's abilities, but not Dopey Alien's. Instead, they take him to a bar, which is revealed at the credits. Spiff appears as well, asking the alien to make a time machine.

In Calvin and Hobbes 3 ,it is revealed his real name is Werth.


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