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Carol Derkins is Susie Derkins' older brother and Calvin Harvey's best friend. He first appeared in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Calvin and Hobbes. Carol Derkins is played by Ross Lynch, Older version is played by Chris Pratt. Carol is known to be a computer specialist, as revealed in Safari.

Carol is first seen in a scene where he translated into a large, King Kong-like gorilla thanks to Edgar Bouvier Middle School's gym resembling a jungle for letting the summer recreation students go in here while Calvin took on the Safari Al persona.

In Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures episode Susie's Transformation, Carol Derkins jumps into the portal leading to the show, making his appearance look more like Bill Watterson drew him. This makes him also break the forth wall. He did so because he knew Susie was being brainwashed by Dr. Brainstorm and bribed Calvin and Hobbes "Jacobson" to help her stop him. This appearance of Carol also appears in Disney Channel All Star House Party.


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