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Calvin and Hobbes IV:Retro Chill will be the fourth and final movie of the Calvin and Hobbes Movie saga.


  • Jackson Kelley as Calvin/Evil Calvin
  • Taika Waititi as Hobbes
  • Elizabeth Banks as Mom
  • Bill Hader as Dad
  • Kevin Smith as Socrates
  • Griffin Gluck as Andy
  • Ty Burrell as Sherman
  • Ben Schwartz as MTM
  • Bryan Cranston as Rupert
  • Seth Rogen as Earl
  • Ozzy Osbourne asRetro
  • Tom Cruise as Dr. Brainstorm
  • Mark Hoppus as Jack
  • Sam Claflin as Larry
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Jark
  • Edward Norton as Vinnie
  • Brendon Urie as Lenny
  • Dave Grohl as Dave
  • Zack de la Rocha as Zack
  • Tyler Joseph as Carl
  • Bill Watterson as Bill
  • Maynard James Keenan as Tim
  • Thom Yorke as Danny
  • Anthony Kiedis as Ernie
  • Alex Gaskarth as Alex
  • Patrick Stump as Lance
  • Tom DeLonge as Biff
  • Deryck Whibley as Jay
  • Josh Homme as Alfred
  • Adam Lazzara as Luke

Additionally, Colin Firth has been cast as Rupert's butler.


A strange entity watches over the universe. It has been there, watching over everything, but everything went wrong when time started to move forward again. So the entity begins to interfere. An escape from an alien planet is allowed and a pod is sent to a certain alien planet. The final game was to be played. Elsewhere, the gang is burned out from a day of summer's activities, all except for Calvin, who is trying to cram as much fun in as he can before he has to go to school and start second grade. Everyone tells him it's a case of aging, and Calvin breaks out the time pauser to preserve a single second, and the gang heads up to Sneer Hill, but it backfires as the gang gets bored, so they unpause time. Meanwhile, Calvin's parents, still shaken up from the events of Trouble Island, question if what happened to them was just a dream and if Calvin's imagination is actually real. Across the galaxy, on Planet Zok, Rupert Chill is still trying to formulate a plan to kill Calvin, and Earl says there is talk of Rupert being deposed. An angry Rupert throws his throne across the room and then his butler gives a report of a crashed pod on the planet's surface.

In Yellowstone, a burned out Dr. Brainstorm is being tended to by his fan club, to his dismay. Jack enters the room and asks if Brainstorm is OK. Brainstorm expresses to Jack he thinks it's pointless to take over the world. Meanwhile, the gang walks through the park, bored. Socrates reveals to the gang he has taken up vlogging to everyone's dismay. As they keep walking, they see a sight of Moe and his gang tossing around a doll belonging to Susie. Calvin, despite his hatred for Susie, decides to make things right. Calvin distracts Moe while the rest of the gang tosses water balloons at him and his friends. Calvin gives Susie the doll back when the gang tumbles out of the tree. As both the gang and Susie prepare to leave, Andy hears a strange voice where Susie once stood. On Zok, a group of scientists work with the pod and finally get it open. Out stumbles Retro. Rupert initially has Retro locked up, but stops when Retro mentions a spiky-haired brat, realizing he's talking about Calvin.

In Calvin's mind, he has a meeting with Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, and Tracer Bullet, where he questions his morals during the water balloon attack on Moe. Tracer theorizes that it's maturity, but Calvin snaps back to reality where Socrates says Andy is hearing voices. MTM scans Andy's brainwaves and finds an entity inside Andy's head. They are distracted by the ice cream truck. While Calvin and Andy make their purchases, Hobbes talks to Sherman about his existentialism after the post credits scene of Trouble Island, where Calvin's mom said he was Calvin's imaginary friend. Sherman advises Hobbes to focus on the present. In his cell, Retro is met by Lenny and Carl for interrogation, but he doesn't give an answer until Rupert and Earl ask him about Calvin. When Calvin and Hobbes return home, they see Mom and Dad are preparing for date night, which means Rosalyn is coming over. Calvin freaks out, but when Calvin's parents leave, it becomes an act, as Calvin and Rosalyn have bonded over Calvinball. While preparing the game, Rosalyn asks Calvin if he's scared about second grade and then says she's scared of college as well. Rupert proposes an alliance with Retro, which he accepts.

Retro introduces Rupert and Earl to the Imaginator, being rebuilt with the help of Zokian scientists. They plan to kill Calvin, while Earl watches, seeing how obsessed with killing Calvin his leader has become. Back in the house, Hobbes and MTM discuss their own existentialism and if the conversation they are having is real, when Calvin walks in, expressing his own fears of growing up. Rupert explains to Retro his previous plans, and Retro notes that the plans failed every time because the gang has rescued Calvin, so Retro makes sure they don't notice Calvin has gone missing by replacing him with an evil clone, disabling MTM in the process so he can't alert Hobbes of the kidnapping. Calvin makes his way onto Rupert's ship and the clone is sent to take Calvin's place. Mom and Dad arrive home, pay Rosalyn, and see the Calvin clone fast asleep, but when the door shuts, he stares at the walls with an evil grin.

Calvin awakens on Rupert's ship in a holding cell. He manages to escape and runs into a group of the alien crew watching cartoons, who mention a new crew member. Meanwhile, Hobbes awakens to see the Calvin clone blasting people with the garden hose and throwing gravel at cars. Hobbes tries to get him to stop, to no avail, and Hobbes alerts MTM. MTM does a scan of Evil Calvin and they quickly deduce it's a duplicate, going to find the gang. Calvin walks through Rupert's ship, when he hears Rupert's voice over the intercom. Rupert says he wants revenge for everything Calvin put him through, and then Retro, with a new and upgraded Imaginator, reveals himself.

Retro asks if Calvin is surprised to see him, but Calvin denies it, saying the team up was bound to happen. Retro generates a large, scaly monster and it gives chase to Calvin, while Rupert and Earl watch, Earl questioning Rupert's sanity. Calvin hides in a hard light hologram room, where he generates his regular clothes and searches for an escape pod. In Sherman's lab, the gang deduces Evil Calvin is a duplicate and they give a call to Dr. Brainstorm, but find out he is still burned out and going through his own existential crisis. They try to see if Rupert is behind the plot and Socrates puts in a transmission to Galaxoid and Nebular, where the gang tells them to try and find Calvin in space. When the transmission ends, Evil Calvin bursts into Sherman's lab, unhappy.

Evil Calvin walks down to the floor of the lab to see what his "friends" are doing. They try to lie to him and not have him find out how to get rid of him, but Evil Calvin finds out really quickly and throws MTM against the wall. He then pulls out the Hypercube and prepares to use an invention to destroy the gang. However, Andy pulls out the Time Pauser and gets everyone out of Sherman's lab just in time. They make a getaway to Calvin's house and get in the cardboard box, escaping Earth as Evil Calvin stares at his other self's inventions, knowing exactly what he is going to do. Meanwhile, Calvin walks through the ship when he runs into Earl, who wants Calvin dead just to get Rupert to calm down. Calvin gets away but Earl follows him into the ship's foundry. Earl tries to get Calvin but accidentally destroys a support beam holding the foundry in place. Calvin is able to escape but Earl is having trouble and faces doom. Calvin's alter egos have a conversation about "is this really us?". With that, Calvin decides to save Earl's life and stop the conveyor belt. When Earl confronts Calvin, he is in awe Calvin saved his life.

Galaxoid and Nebular get a transmission from Danny of the alien crew, and Danny reveals Retro is on their ship, to Galaxoid and Nebular's horror. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad get calls from the neighbors about Evil Calvin's shenanigans. When they confront Evil Calvin, he rants about how Calvin's parents never notice anything and that he's an evil duplicate, promptly taking out the Transmogrifier Gun and firing under the bed. The room begins to shake and giant hands come right out from under the bed as Mom and Dad make a getaway. The giant hands have come from Jark, who brings some of his monster friends out, striking a deal of destruction with Evil Calvin. Near the highway, Hobbes and the gang are fixing MTM when Galaxoid and Nebular transmit from Socrates, and they say Retro is on Rupert's side. Hobbes says they are going to get Calvin and fly into space, not noticing the destruction in town.

Calvin crawls through the vents on Rupert's ship when he comes across a room with Retro and Rupert. Lenny walks into the room and says Calvin has gone missing and Rupert goes with Lenny to find him. As soon as that happens, the vent grate falls into the room with Retro. Retro tells Calvin that ever since he destroyed the Imaginator, it left an imprint of Calvin's mind on the world, hence all his adventures. But Calvin says Retro isn't a high ranking adversary and teamed up with someone he didn't think was real, being Rupert. Calvin makes a getaway when alien screws come loose on support beams and he gets away. Meanwhile, in space, Andy talks to Hobbes and Hobbes asks if he seemed real to Andy when they first met and what will happen to Hobbes when Calvin grows up. Andy says he has a together forever friendship unlike him and Sherman, and then the two realize Andy is going to outlive Sherman at some point. Suddenly, Galaxoid and Nebular teleport them onto their ship.

Mom and Dad hide in an alley in their car, and then prepare to make their getaway when they see Rosalyn, helping her escape from the monster attacks as well. They stop by the playground to see Evil Calvin and Jark terrorizing the kids there, specifically, the ones who mocked Calvin. Evil Calvin moves towards Susie, heckling her about the things she did to Calvin. Mom and Dad distract Evil Calvin while Susie gets to the car. Evil Calvin spills the Hypercube and Dad picks up a cell phone belonging to Andy. Evil Calvin is angry he allowed Susie to get away when he sees some monsters have abducted Moe. When Moe begs to be spared, Evil Calvin pulls out a jester's outfit and has Moe dressed in it. Meanwhile, Mom, Dad, Rosalyn, and Susie go through Andy's phone, finding the number of Jack. They call him, but Larry picks up the phone and then has the car teleported to Brainstorm's lab. Dad asks if Jack is the one who kidnapped Calvin on the Oregon Coast, but Dr. Brainstorm, depressed out of his mind, reveals the truth that it was a cover story. He then says he doesn't know if he's evil or not, given his previous good exploits. Rosalyn empathizes with Brainstorm and says they're both going through identity crises and tells Brainstorm to trust his instincts, as does Jack. With that, Brainstorm stands up and says he's going to save the world from the monsters.

Walking through the ship again, Calvin comes across a room with Danny and Biff, and joins them, while pressing buttons. While trying to set a new flight path for the ship, a pair of legs erupts from the vents. It stomps around but sees Calvin and warps back into the void. Rupert hears the noise and sees Calvin, and tries to fire at his blaster. But the legs come out again and prevent Rupert from attacking, allowing Calvin to escape. The alter egos say that's the entity MTM was talking about, but it seems to be neither friend or foe, stopping Calvin from entering the escape pod. Meanwhile, Earl sits in the control room, pondering past events, when Lenny walks in, and he says things have gotten a lot less fun on the ship. Earl tends to agree when Galaxoid and Nebular's ship comes on their radar, and send an invite for them to dock on their ship. Hobbes accepts the invite but says to the gang proceed with caution.

The gang looks for possible weapons they can use on the ship, coming up with the Time Pauser and a vacuum cleaner, which comes in handy as they accidentally suck up Dave, who says Calvin has been running around on the ship. Andy offers Dave to be their guide around the ship to help find Calvin. However, Dave keeps discussing checkers, and Sherman has to bring up Super Checkers for Dave to find Calvin. Meanwhile, Rupert visits Retro in the lab. Rupert notes the legs that prevented him from getting Calvin and Retro believes this is another thing Calvin dreamed up. Rupert orders the crew to get Calvin over the intercoms, which Calvin hears and he tries to find a hiding place. The gang runs down the halls with Dave, still in search for Calvin, when the legs stop them in their tracks. Andy states that's the creature from his dreams. They hear Calvin's voice and finally find him, but as he and Hobbes reunite, the legs pop out of the vent. The gang tries to slice through the legs but fail as Carl and Zack capture Calvin, as Rupert orders the rest of the gang to be taken to suspended animation. Earl watches the commotion through the security footage and begins questioning his loyalty.

Moe is forced by Evil Calvin to walk through the streets in a jester's outfit and eat trash. Jark says to Evil Calvin they must activate more portals so the monsters can attack Earth, when they see the Brainstorm rocket come towards them. Dr. Brainstorm comes out of the rocket, saying he is here to defeat the monsters, joined by Jack, Mom, and Dad, all holding ray guns, and they blast Jark back. Brainstorm says they need to capture a monster to find their weaknesses. Meanwhile, the gang is almost forced into suspended animation, but thanks to Socrates and his vlogging, they reveal what Rupert and Retro will do to Calvin, which also has the alien crew questioning their loyalty. They lock them up anyway, but they ask each other if they're doing the right thing. Earl is able to watch what Rupert and Retro have cooked up for Calvin, and what he sees makes his heart run cold.

Calvin is brought into a room with the Imaginator, while attacking Retro and Rupert in the process. They lock him onto a table, and prepare to torture him as Retro attaches Calvin to the Imaginator, saying he will conjure up horrible fantasies that will scar him for life. However, the fantasies go through Calvin as Retro and Rupert try to find the error. Calvin escapes thanks to the alien screws and Rupert activates traps all over the ship intending to kill Calvin, but it fails. Calvin finds the suspended animation chamber, but before he frees his friends he is cornered by several booby traps and led back into the torture chamber. Retro and Rupert watch this with glee, but Earl does not. He calls the crew into a security chamber, and tells the crew that Rupert needs to be taken down, and asks for the crew's help. The crew asks what their orders are.

One of Jark's friends, Vinnie, walks through the streets when he encounters Jacqueline, and Sheila attacks him from behind, as the rest of Brainstorm's family attacks Vinnie. Meanwhile, Lenny frees the gang from suspended animation and says Calvin is in the torture chamber. A furious Hobbes requests he be taken to Calvin. Vinnie is captured as Brainstorm, Jack, Mom, Dad, Susie, and Rosalyn interrogate him. Vinnie reveals that the monsters thrive on pain, and Susie, doing some quick thinking, uses some tactics and calls Vinnie cute, which he resents and then finally agrees to talk. Meanwhile, Retro sees the Imaginator and prepares to delete everything, but then the gang attacks the two villains and MTM is able to free Calvin. Socrates gets Hobbes off Rupert, who says they will not leave the ship alive.

Jacqueline walks into the rocket, distracting herself from the battle, and sees Vinnie having a tea party with Susie for interrogation, and Vinnie gives in, saying the only way to get rid of the monsters is an orb Jark has. With that, Brainstorm leads the crew into battle but is cornered by his fan club. Larry steps forward and says this could be the way Brainstorm finally takes over the world. But Jack says Brainstorm's first instinct was to save the world, and Brainstorm says he's sending the monsters back. Larry responds with pulling out his own ray gun as Brainstorm and Jack run into battle with the fan club. Meanwhile, the gang stands over a catatonic Calvin in Galaxoid and Nebular's ship. Hobbes begs Calvin to come back to life. Meanwhile, in Calvin's mind, the alter egos remind Calvin of who he is. Calvin comes back to life and Hobbes gives him a big hug. They inform him about Evil Calvin and they head towards a nearby moon. Rupert storms into the control room and orders the crew to find Calvin. They refuse, and so does Earl, saying Rupert's madness needs to be put to an end, saying he is no longer king. Rupert angrily walks away and finds Retro, saying they need to give chase.

Meanwhile, Brainstorm's family still fights the monsters while Brainstorm and Jack fight the fan club, as Larry goes more insane, so much so that another member of the fan club, Ashley, turns against Larry, as the fan club is divided and they fight each other. Meanwhile, in Galaxoid and Nebular's ship, they see a smaller craft coming after them. Socrates says the purpose of his vlogs were to record all their memories to feel like they're always together. The ship parks on a nearby planet, and as the gang enter a cave, the entity speaks to Andy again, when Calvin notes that Andy didn't get the Hypercube from Evil Calvin because of the entity, also saying that Retro's escape from Ankor and the detour to Zok was caused by the entity as well, saying the entity lead them to that exact spot, where they will defeat Retro and Rupert. In Calvin's mind, the alter egos say this is their chance to take the two most dangerous beings down, and Hobbes asks Calvin if he is ready for the final battle.

Retro and Rupert land on the planet and walk inside the cave the gang is in. Calvin calls to Rupert saying that their rivalry needs to end. Hobbes pounces Rupert and Calvin attacks Retro, throwing them into Time Stop and they get into their biggest battle yet. When Rupert says he will end Calvin at that moment, Calvin asks what Rupert is going to do when Retro betrays him, saying Retro doesn't think Rupert is real. Rupert, angry, begins attacking Retro himself, and Calvin holds up the Time Pauser, saying he is going to create a paradox, as he and Hobbes go back into regular time stop, and Retro and Rupert disappear from existence. Hobbes wakes up in blackness and the entity has reached into his mind. When he wakes up, Calvin reveals he sent Retro and Rupert to a separate universe and they don't exist anymore. Earl and the crew land on the planet and thank Calvin for his help and apologizes for the trouble. Galaxoid and Nebular say goodbye to the gang as well and fly away.

Dr. Brainstorm walks through the streets and finds the orb with Jark. He fires a blast at it and Evil Calvin protests he can't do this to him, but is cornered by Mom and Dad, and Mom uses an advantage of tickle spots while Dad snatches the sphere and tosses it to Brainstorm. They spot Calvin and the gang re-entering Earth's atmosphere in the box and Jack transmits to Calvin. The gang sees the monsters are shriveling up and destabilizing, heading back into the orb. Calvin uses his DNA to send the monsters back into their realm. They notice several news helicopters and see Evil Calvin being held by Jack and Jacqueline.

Calvin brings the box into a landing and reunites with his parents, introducing Susie and Rosalyn to Hobbes and the gang. Calvin walks up to Evil Calvin and begins fighting him. While Evil Calvin states he is the darkness that looms inside of Calvin, Calvin forces himself and Evil Calvin into the Duplicator and deletes the clone. Brainstorm's family asks where the monsters went, and Brainstorm admits to his family he sent the monsters back and he's not evil. Mother Brainstorm and Father Brainstorm pull Brainstorm into a hug while the fan club turns to Sheila instead. Brainstorm and Jack depart, planning to take a vacation together. The one problem left for Calvin to deal with is Moe, but Calvin isn't scared of him, as he is backed up by his family and friends. Hobbes finally scares Moe off, as news helicopters float over Calvin.

A few days later, Calvin and Susie get off the school bus, and Calvin asks Susie about the interrogation with Vinnie. When he arrives home, Hobbes pounces Calvin and then is joined up by the gang. Calvin asks why the entity went to Andy but Hobbes says he doesn't understand either. When Socrates asks what the plans are, Calvin says he just feels like relaxing. With that, Socrates sets up a goodbye vlog, but hears a rumbling in the distance, seeing a giant monster attacking the city. They prepare to go vanquish it, and Mom notices the monster, saying be back before dinner. As they rocket into the city via wagon, Hobbes asks what the plan is. Calvin says he's just going to wing it and see what happens, as Calvin and Hobbes, joined by their best friends in the whole world, rocket towards their next adventure.


20th Century Fox decided to put an end to the saga, so Jackson Kelley, Bill Watterson, and Kevin Smith were to write the fifth and last film, with Smith set to direct. So far, the only indication of the movie is Jackson Kelley and Taika Waititi returning to play Calvin and Hobbes. In April 2019, Elizabeth Banks and Bill Hader were announced to reprise their roles as Calvin's parents, and Bryan Cranston, Ozzy Osbourne, and Seth Rogen announced as the villains, with Colin Firth in an undisclosed role. Griffin Gluck, Ty Burrell, and Kevin Smith also returned as Socrates, Andy, and Sherman. The next day, Tom Cruise and Taylor Lautner were announced to reprise their roles as Dr. Brainstorm and Jack, along with Sam Claflin reprising his role as Larry, president of Dr. Brainstorm's fan club.


Hans Zimmer will score the film.  In 2028, Jackson Kelley revealed he struck a deal with Matt Bellamy of Muse to include Algorithm in the opening credits. The closing credits music is "Good Times" by All Time Low, the closing music for Calvin and Hobbes the Series and its series finale, Black Rain.