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Calvin and Hobbes III:Double Trouble is the third movie in the Calvin and Hobbes Movie saga. It follows Calvin and Hobbes as they get kidnapped while Rupert and Earl take over the world.



The movie opens with John Chill (Danny McBride) reading a book in the Iran desert. His cohort, Nick (Jay Baruchel) comes and delivers mail to him. Rupert Chill (Jim Carrey) runs over angrily and demands to know who put eggs in his helmet. Nick has a talk with him about how he's too patriotic and Chill runs off. Elsewhere, Mom (Elizabeth Banks) calls Calvin (Jackson Kelley) to go to the museum. He teleports Andy (Griffin Gluck), Socrates (Ryan Stiles), and Sherman (Ty Burrell) into the car. Calvin reveals he has a big announcement but will reveal it later. Socrates desperately wants to know, but Calvin won't tell him. After a day at the museum, in the gift shop, Calvin reveals he will be celebrating his first birthday in 34 years, to which Socrates immediately wants to do party planning. On Planet Zok, Rupert (Bryan Cranston) concocts a plan to destroy Calvin.

Socrates is planning for Calvin's party, but Calvin denies all his plans and decides to stick with his parents plans, until Socrates reveals he put up posters across the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Dr. Brainstorm (Tom Cruise) and Jack (Taylor Lautner) look at one of Brainstorm's new inventions, to control the people through music, when their fan club arrives. Dr. Brainstorm decides to give them a tour of the lab. Later, Socrates has collected all the posters he put up for Calvin's party. But he forgets to take down one, leaving a man to find it, and he drives off. Socrates conks out on Calvin's bed. Then Mom comes in and tells Calvin to interact with the guests. Calvin is overjoyed when he hears Uncle Max's (Jake Gyllenhaal) voice downstairs. Then Aunt Sydney (Elizabeth Olsen) visits with her two boys, Terry (Julian Hillard) and Mark (Jett Klyne), who berate and tease Calvin. Calvin and Hobbes leave the house to get away from the family, and head to the general store, but then are countered by the man from earlier who kidnaps them. 

Mom, worried about Calvin, calls Andy and asks if he is at his house. Andy says no, and he and Sherman call MTM, who informs them Calvin and Hobbes are not at home. Meanwhile, Calvin and Hobbes sit in the backseat of the man's car, terrified. Calvin says it's likely Andy and Sherman will get the MTM when a burger wrapper teleports away. It is MTM, who has a little bit of teleporter trouble. the man's car pulls up to an abandoned shack. MTM transports a padlock away. In the shack, the man puts Calvin and Hobbes in a metal box. When Andy and Sherman give up, they teleport Socrates over to use his security cameras all over town to see what happened. When they see Calvin has been kidnapped, they don’t know what to do and decide to get the police. In the shack, the man introduces himself as Nick to Calvin and Hobbes.

Jack is sitting bored, and then Mother Brainstorm (Annette Bening) shows up with Sheila (Zoey Deutch) and Jacqueline (Naomi Watts). Dr. Brainstorm is giving his fans a tour. Mother Brainstorm crashes the tour and embarasses Dr. Brainstorm. Meanwhile, a policewoman is questioning Mom and Dad. Andy, Sherman, and Socrates spy on them, and decide to help the police and find their friends until they hear screaming. Then they see an alien spaceship. It is revealed it is Rupert's. Andy, Sherman, MTM and Socrates are teleported into Rupert's ship. Rupert shoves the four into a spaceship and then they fly to Zok, theorizing Rupert had something to do with Calvin’s kidnapping.

In another war flashback, John and Nick tease Chill about his patriotism and John tells Nick about how the war is bringing something out in Chill. Meanwhile, in the shack, the man brings Calvin and Hobbes some food after he talks to himself about how he hates the job. Father Brainstorm arrives in the Brainstorm lab to see his wife floating above them and Brainstorm’s fan club fooling with his inventions. Brainstorm gains control of the fan club when Jack and Jacqueline notice the Zokian cruiser above Calvin’s neighborhood. As Calvin’s parents and Uncle Max hide Lenny (Brendon Urie) and Carl (Tyler Joseph) trick them into letting them in, knowing they found Calvin’s house. Lenny says that the three adults have to give up their free will to Rupert, and then they depart, not before asking for food.

The man gives a call to the police saying he has Calvin, but the police says they have an alien invasion to deal with. This gains Calvin and Hobbes' attention and they decide to escape so they can put an end to it. Hobbes breaks the door down and the two escape the house, but the man gives chase to them. Calvin and Hobbes board a pickup truck, but Chill goes after them, feeling he needs the ransom money. Meanwhile, Socrates, Andy, Sherman, and MTM finally arrive on Zok, seeing the planet is at war, as Rupert has been so obsessed with taking over Earth his empires over other planets have fallen. When they land, they take refuge in an abandoned shop and try to call Calvin's parents, to no answer. To their surprise, Susie (Sophia Lillis) is found in Calvin's contacts for MTM, so they call her, telling her the situation and asking her to tell Calvin the situation when he returns. Suddenly, the four are cornered by Zokian royal guards.

Calvin and Hobbes wander into a convenience store, wondering what the newsfeeds are. They ask the clerk to put on the news and to their horror, they see that the townspeople, including Calvin's parents, are reading Rupert's orders to the humans. Calvin spots the newspaper his dad reads and sees they're close to home, and they make a getaway when the man shows up again. Back in Calvin's town, the alien crew spot all the chaos and wonder if what they're doing isn't nice when Rupert and Earl arrive. They tell the crew to kill the townspeople, pointing their guns at Mom and Dad, but when they fire a force field protects them. Dr. Brainstorm shows up in a drill, ready to defeat the aliens. Jack tells Mom and Dad to leave the scene, which they do, and Brainstorm and Jack prepare to fight.

In another war flashback, Chill wanders through a battlefield while muttering a poem to himself, when he sees the dead body of Nick. Chill asks himself why the government sent him and his friend to die, before he takes a pendant belonging to Nick and a piece of paper and he runs. In the present day, Calvin and Hobbes reach the outskirts of town and get in by lifting the force field surrounding it. When they see the chaos, Calvin sees Susie and runs over to her, who says that Andy, Sherman, Socrates, and MTM are trapped on Zok. Hobbes joins up with Jack and sees Dr. Brainstorm firing away at Rupert and Earl. Calvin and Hobbes reunite when the man shows up again, and they run through the crossfire between Brainstorm and the aliens. Rupert notices the man and then Calvin finds out that they're working together, saying he was supposed to kidnap Calvin until he took over the planet, and how he was brainwashed to do it. Calvin realizes that their kidnapper is the human Rupert Chill. A confused Chill runs off, and as Rupert prepares to kill Calvin, Brainstorm's family comes out of nowhere and begins their attack, causing Calvin and Hobbes to run back to their house, but Chill gives chase again.

Inside their room, Calvin breaks out the cardboard box so they can get to Zok and retrieve the others. Suddenly, they are transported into the Zokian ship, where Earl is. He explains his backstory of how after Rupert tried to overthrow the original king, he went into factory work and there was a meltdown on his last day, and that the current day is reminding him of that day. Earl also says he knows Calvin isn't the Earth Potentate, and then decides to kill them now and get it over with. Calvin throws a tennis ball at an escape pod button, making him and Hobbes escape. As Earl prepares to chase after the escape pod, Rupert forces him not to. Andy, Sherman, Socrates, and MTM are brought to a giant arena where they are going to face a giant creature. They outsmart the creature and escape via MTM's fan, to everyone in the crowd's anger as they placed money on the creature. As the Zokians prepare to kill the four, they are suddenly encountered by an alien peacekeeping group led by Captain Rumple (Kurt Russell), who says he needs their help.

Chill bursts into Calvin's room to see they're gone. Angry, he tears through the house to see a flash drive. He tries to plug it in but can't find a USB port, and he gets out of the house after he sees Mom, Dad, and Uncle Max consoling each other. In space, Rumple explains that his gang are the ones out for war on Rupert's empire and says Calvin is the only one to take him down. MTM plugs himself into the ship's hardware to locate Calvin and Hobbes and notes that they're almost at the ship. Calvin and Hobbes float through space when they're attacked by Shadowfax, a creature that moves in darkness. The Shadowfax begin eating at the escape pod, and Calvin and Hobbes brace for the worst, but they get teleported into Rumple's ship, surrounded by the rest of the gang, explaining Rumple's motives. Calvin requests he be taken to Rumple, as he has a plan forming.

A few hours later, Rumple's ship arrives in the solar system but they find out there is a Zokian defense system. Calvin volunteers to go out with MTM to take it down, despite Rumple's objections, and Hobbes goes with him. They arrive at the hub shortly after and Calvin puts MTM to work at hacking the defense systems. He takes down the firewall but Rumple says Calvin has to stop the mission as more Shadowfax are coming. Calvin holds out until the last second when they float back into the ship. When back inside, the Shadowfax float above Earth.

Back in the ship, Rumple explains the Shadowfax can eat entire planets and they need to retreat. Calvin refuses and asks if they have weaknesses. Rumple says they have a weakness of bright light, and Sherman goes to work on making a light big enough to scare away the Shadowfax, fusing together an old camera and an ultraviolet light from MTM and he goes out into space himself, scaring away the Shadowfax. Meanwhile, Chill walks into Susie's house to take shelter and see if Calvin has returned. Chill looks around Susie's house and sees a USB port, plugging the flashdrive in. On the flashdrive is a video containing Hobbes, Socrates, Andy, and Sherman. Chill gets a sense of calmness after watching the video and he leaves the house. In a war flashback, John comforts Chill, who is bitter that Nick was taken from them and he rants about how the government can feel good about themselves for soldiers dying. John decides to write back to Nick's wife, and Chill leaves the tent, not seeing his brother again for many years.

In his commander's chair, Rupert gets an update from Earl that Brainstorm and his family seem to be slowing down on their attacks. Sheila tries to take control of Brainstorm's position when Rupert and Earl prepare to fire a blast that could kill them all. However, Brainstorm's fan club, led by the delusional Larry (Sam Claflin) show up to fight the aliens. The fan club uses Brainstorm's inventions to give Brainstorm, Sheila, Jack, and Jacqueline enough time to make a transmitter and disable their weapons. Rupert and Earl retreat, as Dr. Brainstorm gets a call from MTM. Back on the ship, Rupert snaps and says they are going back down to Earth in ten minutes. Earl tries desperately to calm him down, but Rupert yells that he wants the planet and nothing will stop him, until Rumple's ship comes by, sending a transmission of a photo of Calvin and Hobbes mocking them.

Rupert and Earl teleport back to Earth, where a hologram of Calvin shows up. Rupert angrily states what Calvin has done to him, but Calvin retorts with all the things Rupert has done to Calvin and the others. Calvin states he wants to finish what they started and then Rupert destroys the hologram, believing it's a trap. The real Calvin shows up behind them and uses the Time Pauser to evade Rupert's blasts, and eventually Rupert loses control and shoots everything in his path, and Earl teleports back to the ship. However, Calvin trips on his shoelace and loses the Time Pauser, and Rupert stands over him. Suddenly, Rupert is whacked with a tree branch by Chill, who says he won't let him hurt Nick's boy. A confused Calvin watches as Chill and Rupert get into a battle, but Calvin swipes Rupert's laser gun and teleports to the gang and Brainstorm's family, who were hidden via cloaking devices. They see Chill is going overboard and Mother Brainstorm neck pinches him to knock him out. Calvin confronts Rupert, saying that he will not let him take over the planet, and gives Rupert another chance to leave Earth alone, and Rupert teleports up to the ship.

But on the ship, Rupert orders Earl to prime the weapons and they're going to destroy the planet, screaming he will not lose to a six year old boy. Suddenly, several ships come on the radar and Rumple announces that the Zokians will need to retreat or be destroyed. When they travel back to Zok, Rupert angrily yells he will have his revenge. Back on Earth, Calvin walks over to a crying Chill, saying he didn't know he was Nick's boy, saying his father was a brave man, and gives Calvin the pendant. The gang calls the police to get him to sanity, and then Calvin fixes up the town with a concentrated time vortex, returning to his parents and Uncle Max.


After Calvin and Hobbes II:Lost at Sea's great success,Adam McKay left the saga,leaving Greg Mottola from Superbad to take over the director's chair. The first casting was when Jackson Kelley confirmed he was returning as Calvin, and then the rest of the cast was announced. Danny McBride announced he was reprising his role as John Chill, and Jim Carrey joined the cast as an antihero. 


On Rotten Tomatoes, Calvin and Hobbes III: Double Trouble has a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus being "Calvin and Hobbes III: Double Trouble is not as good as the previous installments, but its all-star cast, amazing plot, and hilarious comedy makes it a good watch.


The score was composed by Henry Jackman, similar to the previous films.

Calvin and Hobbes III: Double Trouble (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Song Artist Scene
Lipstick on the Glass Wolf Alice Opening credits/Museum Musings
Devil's Advocate The Neighbourhood Party Preparations
Heart Cooks Brain Modest Mouse Teleporter Troubles
Coliseum Bloc Party Colossal Creature
Lisztomania Phoenix Birthday Boy/Closing Credits