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Calvin and Hobbes 5: The Final Battle

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Calvin and Hobbes (television film)

Calvin and Hobbes 5: The Final Battle is the fifth and final movie of the series.


  • Alex Garfin as Calvin
  • Sam Neill as Hobbes
  • Miles Teller as Spaceman Spiff
  • David Thewlis as Magical Tiger
  • James Spader as Dark Calvin
  • Javier Bardem as Rupert
  • Brian Tyree Henry as Earl
  • Idris Elba as Werth
  • Tom Ellis as Tracer Bullet


With most of the human race enslaved by Dark Calvin, Calvin, and Susie, the world looks bleak. Hobbes, Magical Tiger, and Spaceman Spiff are some of the only survivors to it, and they are currently in exile on Ankor, residing with Galaxoid and Nebular.. Three years have passed since that day, and life is miserable.

Werth finds them, and Hobbes becomes depressed, blaming himself for the apocalypse. Magical Tiger calms him down and Werth says he brought some friends. He reveals Rupert and Earl, who are revealed to have been forced by Werth to reverse the Imaginator. Hobbes thinks that using the Imaginator will reverse everything.

They plan an attack on Dark Calvin's base, which is stationed in the middle of Glenview. When they attack, however, Calvin has been brainwashed to be an assassin, and he kills Werth and destroys the Imaginator. With no other choice, Hobbes, Spiff, and Magical Tiger retreat.

Hobbes calls for the time machine and gets the idea to get the Imaginator from the past. When they travel back in time, Spiff stops in the 1930s and grabs Tracer Bullet. At first confused, Magical Tiger restores some memories. The crew goes to before Dark Calvin enslaved humanity. They find the past Calvin and Hobbes, and warn them for what's to come. They go back to the present, but Dark Calvin follows them.

Dark Calvin discovers the plan, and informs his Ultra Calvin about the attack. The two Dark Calvins merge to become Mega Calvin, and then they find the renaissance. Mega Calvin sends out his forces, but Hobbes activates the time machine to bring out the past reinforcements.

A long battle goes on, and Hobbes fights evil Calvin, and the regular Calvin joins them. A lot of people die in battle, those include Rupert. Eventually, evil Calvin is killed. Mega Calvin, furious, sends a laser to Calvin, but Hobbes pounces towards the laser, killing Mega Calvin, sacrificing himself in the process.

A funeral is held for Hobbes, and Calvin goes back to school without his best friend. Susie offers her condolences, and the two share a kiss. Years later, Calvin's young son Thomas goes out to catch a tiger, and when Calvin sees his success, he sees none other than Hobbes. As Thomas and Hobbes go out on adventures, Hobbes is seen winking at Calvin.


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