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Calvin and Hobbes 4: Race to the Stone is the fourth movie in the Calvin and Hobbes trilogy.


  • Alex Garfin as Calvin/Nivlac
  • Sam Neill as Hobbes/Sebboh
  • Miles Teller as Spaceman Spiff
  • Adam Brody as Stupendous Man
  • Grace Clark as Susie Derkins
  • Noah Schnapp as Mr. Bun
  • David Thewlis as Magical Tiger
  • James Spader as Dark Calvin/Ultra Calvin


Calvin and Hobbes 4 Transcript


The movie begins with a narrator talking about the Emerald of Imagination, a crystal that powers all imagination. The narrator says that "in a thousand years, the crystal would be stolen, and no one would ever be inspired or creative ever again." The one who takes this crystal will control all imagination. This person would attempt to destroy the world with it.

After, we cut to a Spaceman Spiff fantasy, which Mrs. Wormwood interupts. Calvin soon gets mail that they will be making a fourth movie. He rushes over to the studio. It shows where they left off in the third movie. They go back to Modern Earth. Magical Tiger and Zoe find Calvin, and gives him an extremly powerful sword compared to Susie's.

The two duel it out, when Susie gains the upper hand, Calvin knocks her out and wanders into a cave. He finds the Emerald of Imagination, but as he contacts Spiff, Susie wakes up and defeats Calvin, gaining the emerald and escaping. Spiff lands and gets Calvin.

Susie remodels Spiff's crashed spaceship. She hires a driver, an army, and two robots. One of them she created with the emerald, called Iron Calvin v2.0. Back at Calvin's house, Calvin reunites with Hobbes and they discuss Susie's possible plan, when Hobbes hears something outside. 

Hobbes notices several Tyrannosaurs in F-14's, created by Susie. The plane drops a bomb on Calvin's house, and Calvin and Hobbes barely escape with the box. They head to Magical Tiger's house and sleep there. Magical Tiger contacts Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man. Spiff is armed with a new spaceship. Suddenly, the Tyrannosaurs return, and the heroes escape. A spaceship tries to pull them in.

Spiff uses the light speed to survive. They head to an hotel on Mars to sleep for the night and to figure out who tried to pull them in. Susie, having the hi-teck things she has using the emerald, can track anyone, even her friends, wherever they are in the galaxy using Iron Calvin v2.0's built-in GPS. Just then, the M.W.O.C come in the hotel. They capture Calvin and take him away.

Susie begins to fulfill the prophecy, and begins devising a plan to destroy the world with Mr. Bun. When she begins, Spiff and Stupendous Man begin fading from existence. During his capture, Calvin has been sword training. In a training session, Calvin escapes, but when he is in the clear, gets a headache due to his imagination fading.

When Spiff returns to get Calvin, he begins fading as well. Spiff yells at Calvin not to forget what reached him. Susie unleashes an army, and it's Calvin versus all of them. He defeats them all, but one warns him Dark Calvin is coming. Calvin warns the gang, and then they prepare for battle.

Soon, Susie brings Dark Calvin to her ship, and strikes him with the Emerald of Imagination, enlarging him. Now calling himself Ultra Calvin, Spiff and Stupendous Man call for help from sidekicks from their universes. Sure enough, several spacemen and superheroes join forces, and Hobbes calls Nivlac and Sebboh.

The battle against Ultra Calvin begins. Several of the allies are killed. Magical Tiger is on the verge of death, but Calvin saves him. Calvin imagines a laser coming out of his head, but Ultra Calvin is immune. Eventually, Ultra Calvin jumps into the air and then smashes everything around them.

When all is lost, Ultra Calvin defeats Calvin. He touches Calvin, turning him evil. When Calvin awakens, he begins to enslave the human population. Only Hobbes, Spiff, and Magical Tiger get away, while Nivlac, Sebboh, and Stupendous Man are enslaved. Susie realizes her mistake and attempts to kill Dark Calvin, but Calvin turns her to his side.

Hobbes, Magical Tiger, and Spiff decide to get away, and they escape as the human population is enslaved.