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This is the first draft of the film based on Bill Waterson's comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. It mainly follows the plot of the film, with some significant differences. It is 3D Animated, more similar to 2039's film than the final cut. It features the same production team and cast.



Calvin and Hobbes (First Draft) transcript


The movie opens with a series of comic panels narrated by an unknown character, who introduces Calvin, Susie, Calvin's parents, and Rosalyn, and explaining that Calvin called Charlie and told him that Rosalyn killed a kid, causing Charlie to break up with Rosalyn. The narrator goes on to explain that Calvin was lonely, so he caught Hobbes, had fun with his new friend, made the Duplicates, and turned them into worms after they misbehaved.

Changing to unnarrated 3D animation, the Duplicates (still worms) show up on an island called Isla de Sombra. A cloaked figure confronts the worms and turns them back into Duplicates. He sends them to get a potion for Calvin, which will be very useful for Plan XY.

Meanwhile, after pranking Susie, Calvin accuses Hobbes of being a stuffed animal, and Hobbes admits he had Magic Tiger turn him into a stuffed animal so he could have all his dreams come true. Calvin summons Magic Tiger to have him turn Hobbes into a normal tiger, but Magic Tiger tells them they must prove themselves by climbing the tallest mountain in the world, where he has placed a potion that has the desired effect.

After figuring out what the tallest mountain in the world is, Calvin transmogrifies into a Pterodactyl and carries Hobbes there. The Duplicates show up and take the potion, and Magic Tiger reveals their master will use it to destroy the world. He has Calvin drink another potion to gain magic, which Calvin uses to make Hobbes real and imagine Free Cape Included, Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, and Tracer Bullet to life. Magic Tiger then revokes Calvin's magic under the grounds that he misused it. Calvin, Hobbes, Spiff, Stupendous Man, and Tracer buy Spiff's ship from Free Cape Included and go to Isla de Sombra, where the cloaked figure uses the potion to create Dark Calvin, who brings Mr. Bun to life and recruits him and Susie using mind-control collars.

Calvin is captured by the Duplicates and brought to their facility. He meets Avery in a dungeon and they escape using the Transmogrifier Gun. The cloaked figure steals the "Infinity Panama", an incredibly powerful data chip, from a Panaman science lab and gives it to Dark Calvin. Calvin and Avery listen in on their conversation and discover that Plan XY is as follows: The villains will use the Infinity Panama and Dark Calvin's supercomputer to hack into the world's nuke supply, which they will use to wipe out mankind. Calvin and Avery steal the Infinity Panama and download the entirety of Netflix onto it before getting captured by Mr. Bun. Dark Calvin attempts to use the Infinity Panama, but overloads his supercomputer, which explodes, destroying the facility and Susie's mind-control collar. Calvin and Avery escape through a window, the cloaked figure escapes with his teleportation device, and Dark Calvin, Susie, and Mr. Bun flee in an escape pod.

Susie calls Calvin, telling him Plan XY-B is about to happen: Dark Calvin is using the escape pod to drill to the center of the Earth and he will plant a bomb capable of destroying the world there. Calvin, Hobbes, Spiff, Stupendous Man, Tracer, and Avery fly Spiff's ship to the hole Dark Calvin dug, and he and Mr. Bun have already placed the bomb and fled Earth in the escape pod, abandoning Susie after she revealed she wasn't mind-controlled any more. She joins the heroes and Hobbes cuts all the wires on the bomb, but the countdown doesn't stop. The cloaked figure steals all of Magic Tiger's potions and teleports up to the escape pod. He and Dark Calvin create Dark Hobbes with the potions, but Stupendous Man throws the bomb at the escape pod, hitting Dark Hobbes and knocking him through the airlock. The cloaked figure teleports away as the bomb explodes and kills Dark Calvin and Mr. Bun.

Dark Hobbes flies after the heroes using a jetpack, so they get into Spiff's ship and a chase all over the planet ensues, with Spiff using a warp drive to teleport all over the planet. Dark Hobbes shoots a grenade launcher at them as Spiff hits the warp drive, and the grenade gets sucked along. Calvin disarms the grenade, but Dark Hobbes shows up again. Spiff shoots lasers at him, but he deflects the lasers with a lightsaber and the laser hits Tracer, who had the grenade in his boot. The grenade explodes, killing Tracer and seemingly Avery. They escape to Calvin's house, and Dark Hobbes and the cloaked figure return to Isla de Sombra, where they set up Plan XY-C.

Susie, Spiff, and Stupendous Man all lose their spirit upon seeing the deaths of their companions, but Hobbes motivates them into continuing on the adventure. Avery is revealed to have survived, but with amnesia. Rosalyn texts Calvin, saying the cloaked figure is none other than Charlie, who became convinced mankind was corrupt and needed to be destroyed after hearing Rosalyn killed a kid. They obtain a potion from Magic Tiger and Calvin uses it to create the Calvinosaurus.

Calvin, Hobbes, Susie, Avery, Spiff, Stupendous Man, and the Calvinosaurus get in Spiff's ship and fly to Isla de Sombra, where Charlie and Dark Hobbes are preparing to use a giant magnet to manipulate Earth's magnetic poles and use them to destroy humankind (Plan XY-C). The heroes face off with Charlie and Dark Hobbes, who resurrect the Duplicates in zombie-like forms and activate a giant robot called Megamecha. They all fight the Duplicates and Megamecha and Avery and the Calvinosaurus manage to drain Megamecha's power. Susie destroys the Duplicator, killing the Duplicates, and Spiff kills Dark Hobbes by shooting his jetpack with Tracer's gun. Charlie knocks out everyone except Calvin, and they fight. Calvin defeats Charlie and wakes up everyone so they can destroy the magnet, but Charlie also wakes up and attacks Calvin. Calvin's dad bursts in, having been trying to save throughout the whole movie but every time he got to the place Calvin and his friends had been, they had already left. He tackles Charlie, causing the villain to fall into his own tank of electric eels and get electrocuted to death. Calvin turns into a pterodactyl, rescues his dad, and destroys the magnet.

All the characters dance to classical music and when Magic Tiger calls it "frivolous", the Calvinosaurus punts him through the roof. As they dance, Calvin and Susie decide not to have a relationship until they are older. In a post-credits scene, Dark Calvin is resurrected by aliens, and he turns out to have a potion.


Around the time when Calvin and Hobbes 3 was released, a fan discovered the original draft, which was storyboarded. He immediately got around to animating it, and sent it to the studios, who released it on a new DVD. The fan reaction was mixed. Some thought it was a nice touch, while others despised the cut. Copies of the DVD with the first cut have recently gone for 3,000 dollars on eBay.


Thanks to the post-credits scene, a few fans who liked the draft made a sequel, and it also received mixed reviews.