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Calvin and Hobbes is a famous comic strip written and drawn by Bill Watterson. It ran from 1985 to 1995, making people laugh for ten years. But even after, it has been reprinted in books, and is not expected to disappear for good any time soon.


Disney Channel Original Movie

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Disney Channel has announced a new Disney Channel Original Movie based on the comic book series that will be adapted from the strips. The first posters before the Press Release first appeared in June 2nd, 2014. The very first poster was featured a full sized page of Spaceman Spiff with words at the bottom saying "TOP SECRET" on the 1st. After that, the second and final poster shows Hobbes for the first time on the 17th.

Video Games

Lego Dimensions

Calvin and Hobbes was released in Lego Dimensions Year 3. Calvin came with a Story Pack with the box and Calvin's room Gateway Portal. Hobbes and Susie came in a Team Pack with Hobbes,The wagon,Susie,and a water balloon launcher.


Shows and movies have referenced a lot of the strip.


The Annual Go-Kart Race — Calvin reads the "zombie" strip.

Snow Goon Showdown — Hobbes mentions Frosty being stabbed by an icicle.

Time Terror — Calvin wants to know if Chef Boyardee really was president, so he goes with Hobbes and Andy in the Time Machine.

Calvin Loses His Marbles — The title is a joke on one strip where Calvin literally loses his marbles, and Calvin says to Hobbes, "I've lost my marbles."

Evil Returns — A brief animation in a montage shows Calvin's Good Side thinking an evil thought.

Comic References — The entire episode is bunch of skits that reference the comic.

The Invasion (Part 3) — The friendship contract is based on a strip where Calvin gives a friendship contract to Hobbes.

The Toy Helicopter — Calvin breaks the helicopter in a way that he broke his binoculars in one strip.

Season 6 Promo — Hobbes accidentally throws a spotlight from the second floor of Calvin's house to the first, causing the light to malfunction, darkening the room. All that we can see is Hobbes' green eyes from this strip.

Days of Future Lost — When Simone and Camus argue, they pose in a similar way as Hobbes was in the last panel of this strip and Calvin in the last panel of this strip.


Calvin and Hobbes — The whole plotline continues the story with Calvin's duplicates.

Calvin and Hobbes 1.5 — When the gang hang onto the ground to survive the portal, they do it similar to the comic where Calvin's gravity is reversed.