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Calvin Gets Professional Help
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date September 19,2016
Written by Swing123
Directed by JaJaLoo
Production code 110
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"The Time Pauser"
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Cast(in order of appearance):Susie Derkins,Calvin,Hobbes,Miss Wormwood,Principal Spittle,Insane Dr.Dean,Dr.Sam,Calvin's mother


Calvin is signed up to the school psychologist's office.

Full plot

The other characters are annoyed by Calvin's constant antics. Susie confronts Calvin about his snowmen, Hobbes resents his bad jokes, and Miss Wormwood thinks Calvin is still acting up in class, and sends him to Mr. Spittle's office. Mr. Spittle tells Calvin he's putting him in the school psychologist's office. Calvin tells Hobbes about this, and they remember the last psychologist, who went insane due to Calvin. The next day, Dr. Sam questions Calvin, and uses several psychologist techniques, which Calvin responds to in his own way. Dr. Sam gets tired of Calvin real quick. The appointment ends with Dr. Sam questioning Calvin about Hobbes and using hypnosis. Dr. Sam calls Mom, and tells her of Calvin's problems and some ways to solve them before he is distracted by Calvin destroying his office. Calvin's parents keep him out of school for a few days, tending to his every need. Hobbes notes that the therapy won't work on his imagination, but Calvin says he's gonna have a lot of fun that week.


Calvin Gets Professional Help Transcript


  • This is the tenth episode of Calvin and Hobbes the Series.
  • This is Insane Dr.Dr Dean and Dr.Sam's only appearance. Dr. Dean has no voice, and Dr. Sam is voiced by Brad Pitt.