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Calvin is the main protagonist of the Calvin and Hobbes series. He is a perpetually six-year-old (41 year old in the spinoff) boy with a habit of getting into trouble and has a wild vivid imagination. The franchise centers around Calvin's life, his troubles, and his adventures, with Calvin is characterized chiefly by his imagination, mischief, philosophy, social awkwardness and extensive vocabulary. In the strips, his first piece of dialogue was the first line of the strip and his last line of dialogue was also the strip's final line. Calvin appeared in almost every strip of the series ever printed and published.[1]



Calvin has a hyperactive imagination that he engages in his free time, or while bored at Elementary School (Edgar Bouvier Middle School in the film and sitcom). In some fantasies, he appears as an alter ego or alongside certain attributes; other characters may also appear in his fantasies, such as his parents, school staff and Hobbes. His four most prominent (given their place in The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book) alter egos are:

  • Spaceman Spiff, a space explorer who battles aliens (usually losing in the strips, cartoons, and some films) and gets stranded on other planets
  • Stupendous Man, an unsuccessful superhero
  • Various dinosaurs
  • Tracer Bullet, a stereotypical film noir private detective

Calvin has thought of several philosophies throughout the length of the series.

Social relationships

Calvin is somewhat asocial, with few friends and many enemies. He has said before, "I wish I had more friends, but people are such jerks".

His closest, and only stable friend is Hobbes. The occasional dispute aside, they never question their friendship. Hobbes' special status owes to his animal nature: Calvin has confessed to Hobbes that he prefers animals over people, and his friend had been a source of comfort to him after unpleasant experiences with his schoolmates, particularly Moe. In the future he is married to Susie and has two kids, Simone and Camus.

Names in TV Shows

Calvin does not have the same name in every TV show. Here is a list of them;


Calvin occasionally makes machines usually made out of a cardboard box (but with some exceptions), which normally lead to disaster. Here is a list of his inventions:

Video game appearances

  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Video Game


Imagined Adventures

Calvin's thoughts will on many occasions wander to an "alternative reality," or an exaggerated world. Things that happen in the real world, such as his teacher yelling at him, often affect what happens in his imagination.

For example, during his daydreaming, Calvin often turns into Spaceman Spiff, while his parents or his teacher pose as the aliens.

These alleged adventures, such as traveling back in time to the Jurassic period and photographing dinosaurs, are seen to be imaginary by Calvin's parents and peers, whilst believed by himself. This goes to show that his imagination is overactive, yet he and Hobbes believe that they actually occurred.

Real World Impact

When not daydreaming in the middle of his classes, Calvin will also exhibit his imagination in the real world, an example being his turning into Stupendous Man or skipping school as part of a Spaceman Spiff scenario. This will often lead Calvin to injuries or punishment. File:Calvin.jpeg|Calvin's Minecraft counterpart.

Imagination Turned Real?

Many occasions, things that would have been part of Calvin's imagination happen in real life. For example, Hobbes is a plain stuffed animal to anyone but Calvin, but his actions are real. One time, when Hobbes tied up Calvin during his attempt to be the next Houdini, his father disregards the fact that Hobbes tied Calvin up, yet he couldn't have tied himself up without the help of Hobbes. Also, the Duplicator, an imaginative invention of Calvin's, creates duplicates that act exactly like him, yet a simple cardboard box couldn't have done something to a great technological advance. His imagination, in these cases, caused real things to occur, though it has stirred controversy. In the animation sitcoms, these have been deemed true.


In Calvin and Hobbes: Elite Force, Calvin gains bionics from Douglas Davenport. His bionics include invisibility, ice manipulation, and black hole manipulation.


  • Calvin writes with both hands, but he's commonly shown to be right-handed. During the baseball strips, Calvin noticeably can be seen wearing a glove on a different hand in each panel.
  • In both his first and last appearances, Calvin is wearing a hat of some kind: a pith helmet in the former and a snow hat in the latter. However if you count the prototype strip as his first appearance. He is wearing a baseball cap.
  • Aside from English, Calvin has briefly spoken German, Latin, and some phrase-book Spanish.
  • Calvin sometimes is shown having a watch, but it disappears between panels.
  • Calvin is creeped out by somnambulists, or sleepwalkers.
  • In one strip, Calvin claimed that he always carries a Swiss army knife. However, no mention of it was ever made again.
  • In the Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book, Bill Watterson stated that he wouldn't want Calvin in his house.
  • Calvin was a cub scout in a few early comics.
  • Calvin also appears in several 2013 newspaper strips of Pearls Before Swine.
  • Despite generally being anti-social, Calvin can be quite loving, as seen with his interactions with Hobbes, the little raccoon, and sometimes his parents and Susie.
  • In Calvin and Hobbes: Imagination Adventures, it is revealed he got his wild imagination from San Diego Comic-Con.
  • He once stated he wished he had a brother, so that he could have someone small to beat up.
  • He is portrayed by Tara Strong in Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures, Griffin Gluck inThe Calvin and Hobbes Movie, and Jackson Kelley in Calvin and Hobbes the Series and Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie
  • Tom Kenny portrays him in The Calvin and Hobbes Show .
  • In early developments of the strip, Calvin was originally going to be named Marvin.
  • In Eggs for Calvin!, it is revealed his family has a religion they believe in. However, there have been no hints of the religion in any other episodes or future episodes.
  • In one episode of The Calvin and Hobbes Show Calvin says he only has three goals in life. These goals are becoming the richest person in the world, taking over the world, and sending all girls to Pluto.
  • Calvin is named after John Calvin, a French theologian from the 16th century.
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