Calvin and Hobbes Fanon Wiki

C&H Central is a TV Show about the members and administrators of the Calvin and Hobbes Fanon Wiki co-directed by the cast and Judd Apatow. It is created by Good Dog Animation Inc., the same company behind The many adventures of Calvin and Hobbes.


Everyone knows about the spinoffs churned out by the C&HFW, but what about the people behind them? This show focuses on just that. Taking place at 2004 Wentz Avenue in Milwaukee, viewers can get a look at the daily misadventures of Nicholas, Jackson, Nemo, Will, Patrick and others as they try to create good content and stand each other at the same time.


Main cast

NMMacc18 (AKA Nicholas Maccani)-The owner of the Wiki. He oversees the entirety of creativity on the wiki.

JaJaLoo (AKA Jackson Kelley)-Nicholas’ short tempered yet trusty assistant, also the best screenwriter and music expert.

Nemolee.exe (AKA Nemo Park)-An administrator of the Wiki who does the casting.

ElectricSupernova (AKA Will Jones)-An administrator of the Wiki who does all the animation.

Pjdem06 (AKA Patrick Dempster)-A user who has a weirder mindset then you. He does the editing.

StrayberryFilling (AKA Berry Taylor)-Just your average everyday user. He interacts so little, the users don’t even know him. He does the travelling to the post office.

NotWildcat (AKA Wildcat Ross)-A user who often antagonizes the other users, but they only let him stay cause he makes good transcripts. He does the event planning.

Jamz64 (AKA James Reynolds)-  A user who used to be Jackson's best friend before he died in a mattress store. He used to run the wiki Twitter account.

HenryWerewolf (AKA Henry Towery)- A new hire in Season 3. As a new guy, he's known for trying to make his mark. He is similar to Jackson, but the two get into arguments a lot.

Robert Stainton - The main antagonist of the show, who desperately tries to take control of the wiki. He had a feud with Jackson in the past, and the other users were annoyed by his prescence.

One off users

MabelSyrup2 (AKA Mabel Carson)- A new user who moves in in Season 2. He mainly just codes video games.

Bruhbutton19 (AKA Ian Duque)- A friend of Jackson's from high school.

DamianDaBomb10 (AKA Damian Ross)- Wildcat's "idiot" brother who moves in in Season 3. He causes the most trouble.

Crusader69 (AKA Leo Wang)- An exchange student from Shanghai who moves in for a week in Season 4.

Recurring cast

Pksmashbros (AKA P.K.) - a user who left when Jackson moved in and clashed with Nemo. He left to work at Nintendo. (season 1)


Season 1 (The Documentary)

Episode Production


Synopsis Aired
Another Brick in the Wall (Of Shame) 1. Nicholas and Jackson deal with turbulence on the wiki. April 14, 2019
Behold, the Holy Muskie 2a. The Admins fight over who gets to eat a muskelunge Nemo caught. April 21, 2019
Jackson’s Revenge 2b. Jackson wants revenge on Patrick for vandalizing his office. April 21, 2019
Bad Hair Day 3a. Nemo’s hair grows too long, and Nicholas and Jackson try to cut it. April 28, 2019
The Notice 3b. Nicholas discovers that a user purchawed the Headquarters without his permission, and tries to discover who. April 28, 2019
A Flashback Episode 4a When the guys find out Jackson ran away from home and didn't graduate, he tells them the story of how he joined. May 5, 2019
SING 4b Patrick is entered into a singing competition, but he can't decide what to sing. May 5, 2019
The Kids from Yesterday 5a A group of kids on a field trip visit the headquarters, but when Nicholas finds out his ideas folder was stolen, Jackson and Patrick go to retrieve it. May 12, 2019
Bulletproof Heart 5b Nemo builds an Iron Man esque suit, and becomes a superhero, May 12, 2019
Goodbye, Cruel World 6 Feeling isolated from his friends, Jackson cuts off all contact with them, May 19, 2019
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread! 7a. After Will is kicked out of the house because of a lethal prank, he gets super rich by making microwaveable pancakes. May 26, 2019
Wanna See My Shaved Legs? 7b. Nicholas throws a big party, but it gets a little out of hand. May 26, 2019
Cookie Dough Bites 8a. Jackson sells Will an addictive treat, which just so happens to numb the brain, causing him to murder a ceasar salad. June 2, 2019
Action Guys 8b. Patrick wants to join a club started by Nicholas and his friends, But is put through a series of ”tests” before he can join. June 2, 2019
How to Get a Girl 9a. Will realizes he‘s lonely without a girlfriend, so Patrick tries to help him get one. June 9, 2019
Family Therapy (Sucks!) 9b. After going completely insane, Nicholas has to attend therapy with his mom, but doesn’t want to. June 9, 2019
Meet Charcoal 10a. Nicholas gets a new dog to keep him company, but Nemo and Jackson are convinced that it is a foreign spy. June 16, 2019
Road Trip 10b. The guys take a road trip, but things go terribly wrong. June 16, 2019
Those Darn Bankers! 11a. After being denied a loan by the bank, Nicholas and his friends decide to get even by robbing it. June 23, 2019
Sick Day 11b. Noticing how lazy Will is, Nicholas tells a story about a disease caught by not working, which sends Wildcat into overdrive. June 23, 2019
Dreams 12a. Will has a really weird dream. Things in real life relate more and more to the dream, until James chokes to death on a hot dog in the mattress store. June 30, 2019
Golf! 12b. The Admins play some good ol’ fashion golf...except that they constantly bicker and argue. June 30, 2019
Z- 13a. Jackson is mad at Patrick for breaking his prized bass guitar, so he makes him screw up on his exam. July 7, 2019
Hiding 13b. Nicholas and Jackson fake their own deaths and go into hiding after losing everything. (Thanks a lot, GEICO!) July 7, 2019
Hi, We're the KidzBop Kids! 14a. Will and Nemo buy tickets to a KidzBop concert as a dare, and then they seek to take down the industry. July 14, 2019
The Wentz-a-lympics 14b. Nicholas gets the "bright" idea to host an Olympics style event in the house. July 14, 2019
Happy Nothing at All! 15. The Gang celebrate two episodes ago, when nothing happened. (Patrick needed an excuse to drink more Coca-Cola.) July 21, 2019

Season 2 (New Users and Problems)

Episode Production Number Synopsis Aired
New Season, New User, New Problems 1. A new user named Mabel Syrup 2 joins, so the users have a welcome party, which quickly goes wrong. Meanwhile, Berry and Nemo argue about what use Charcoal is to the company. September 6, 2019
Wiki Wars 2a. Nemo builds a time machine, and they go to 2020, where Jackson was involved with two different wikis, causing warfare. September 13, 2019
Overworked 2b. Nicholas and Jackson take a vacation in the Bahamas, leaving Patrick to take care of things. However, the users quickly cause trouble for him. September 13, 2019
Dumb Trends 3a. An incident at the grocery store leaves Jackson feeling a little out of style, so he begins questing for a trend, but what happens when he finds it? Meanwhile, Nicholas goes to strange lengths to keep other users out of his new hot tub. September 20, 2019
Drive Me Up a Wall! 3b. After several years of failure, Nemo finally gets his driver’s license...with no loopholes! So why does he keep crashing his car in the same spot everytime? September 20, 2019
You’ve Been Patricked! 4a. After news gets around that a Vintage Calvin and Hobbes toy worth $100,000,000 is somewhere in the HQ, the search is on. Patrick sees this as an opportunity to prank searchers. September 27, 2019
The Wiki Cleanup Project 4b Embarrassed by his old work, Jackson goes to find his old scripts, and has Nemo rebuild his time machine to change history. September 27, 2019
The Perfect Song 5a Jackson and Patrick drive around Milwaukee record stores, trying to fulfill Jackson's wish to find the Perfect Song. October 4, 2019
File in the Compliants 5b Nicholas agrees to take in complaints from the users. However, this turns into an all-out office war when an anonymous person files rude complaints about others. October 4, 2019
Canada is Basically North Minnesota 6a Jackson gets worried when Nicholas starts acting like a Canadian. Meanwhile, the rest of the users go to a hockey game in hopes of finding and beating up a mascot who pied Berry. October 11, 2019
New Job 6b Will gets a job at the local comic book store, but without any knowledge of the things in the store, he secretly hires Nicholas to help him. October 11, 2019
Prank Day 7a For Prank Day, prankmaster Will might be beaten my Mabel, so he decides to amp up his pranks. October 18, 2019
The Butler 7b Nicholas decides to hire a butler in the house. However, he causes lots of problems for the gang. October 18, 2019
The Case of Jackson Kelley (Part 1) 8 Jackson wakes up one day in a courtroom to find out he is on trial for life. October 25, 2019
The Case of Jackson Kelley (Part 2) 9 The courtroom comes to a decision on Jackson's life. November 1, 2019
Voodoo Doll 10a Will gets his hands on a voodoo doll. November 8, 2019
The Cookbook 10b Tired of Jackson's meals from his cookbook, Nemo burns his cookbook. Jackson then tries to persuade Nicholas to block Nemo. November 8, 2019
Standardized Tests 11a When the Annual Wiki Test comes in, the guys are almost forced to close the wiki. November 15, 2019
The Gym 11b Patrick tries to get "buff" by going to the gym, but Will suspects something's up, and teams up with Mabel to find out what. November 15, 2019
Thanksgiving 12 When Thanksgiving approaches, the users become super stressed. November 22, 2019
Old School 13a An old rival of Nicholas' (voiced by Jeremy Piven) holds parties across the street, so the users attempt to crash the parties. November 29, 2019
Game Show 13b When everyone is tied for User of the Year, Nicholas becomes an eccentric game show host and forces everyone to take part. November 29, 2019
Low on Funds 14a When Patrick spends all the wiki's money on season tickets for the Detroit Red Wings, the users have to take several odd jobs. December 6, 2019
Mabel's Departure 14b Mabel gets an offer to code video games for Activision, so he leaves the building. December 6, 2019
The Falling Out at Wentz Avenue 15 When Wildcat pranks everyone and steals their belongings, the users suddenly turn on each other, which they then split ways, with Nicholas closing down the house.

December 13, 2019

Season 3 (Back Together Again)

Episode title Episode number Plot Airdate
The Reunion (Part 1)


About three months after the falling out, Patrick, feeling empty, returns to 2004 Wentz Avenue and stops it from being condemned. February 7, 2020
The Reunion (Part 2) 2 After cleaning up the house, Patrick decides to embark on a cross country road trip to find his friends and recover all the stolen possessions. February 14, 2020
The Reunion (Part 3) 3 The users are reunited, but they're still at odds with each other as they hesitantly get back to work. February 21, 2020
Summer Concert Series 4a Jackson hosts a Summer Concert Series in the backyard. February 28, 2020
Oscar Nominated 4b The guys find out that The Calvin and Hobbes Show has been nominated for an Oscar, and they all travel to California, where they meet an acquaintance of Nemo. February 28, 2020
Old Friends and New Enemies 5 Ian, an old friend of Jackson's from high school, gets a job as an intern. Meanwhile, Patrick's nemesis causes havoc on the house. March 6, 2020
Fired 6 Ian gets fired because he doesn't know Calvin and Hobbes as well as the users should. The users wonder who should take his place, until new guy Henry shows up at the house. Jackson notes the similarities between him and Henry. March 13, 2020
West Coast Smoker 7a During all the commotion, the guys find out Patrick forgot to get Wildcat after the Oscars, so they venture back to California to get him. March 20, 2020
Return of James 8 James rises from the backyard, revealing his death was faked. March 27th, 2020
The Incredible Shrinking User 9a Will suddenly realizes he shrunk in his sleep, so he has to get to Nemo before it's too late. April 3, 2020
Those Mariachi Morons! 9b As a prank, Wildcat hires a mariachi band to follow Nicholas around. April 3, 2020
Too Many New Guys! 10 Wildcat's so-called "idiot" brother moves in, leading to a climactic choice of who's getting kicked out between him and Henry. April 10, 2020
Artificial Sweetener 11a Patrick opens a coffee shop for "hipsters and crazy dudes." April 17, 2020
Futureal 11b Henry discovers one of Mabel's old  games, and becomes addicted to it. April 17, 2020
The Alchemist 12a Strange things start brewing in the house when Nemo buys a mysterious chemistry set. April 24, 2020
Wolfman 12b Wildcat starts a rumor that Henry is half werewolf, which Henry denies and tries to disprove with help from Nemo. April 24, 2020
Get Behind the Camera! 13a Jackson tries to make a movie to enter a film festival, but his actors (the guys) have no acting chops. May 1, 2020
Lying is the Most Fun Will Can Have Without Pranking Anyone 13b Banned from pranking, Will takes his devilishness to the next level: telling untrue stories, making the users turn on each other once more. May 1, 2020
The Last Straw (Part 1) 14 When Damian destroys Jackson's room, he gets furious and moves away. Fearing losing his best screenwriter, Nicholas goes after him. May 8, 2020
The Last Straw (Part 2) 15 Nicholas' trails lead him to Rhode Island, where Jackson was born. There, he finds a new Jackson, and tries to persuade him to move back in. May 8, 2020

Season 4 (New Homes and Opportunities)

Episode title Episode number Plot Airdate
Still Breathing (Part 1) 1 An accident causes 2004 Wentz Avenue to burn down. November 18, 2020
Still Breathing (Part 2) 2 When the guys lose hope, Jackson helps them move into the house he was born in. But unfortunately, it's in Rhode Island. November 25, 2020
A Day of Calvinball 3a The guys take advantage of the golf course behind the house to play Calvinball. December 2, 2020
The New Guy from Another Country 3b The guys get a new user in the form of Leo, a former student from Shanghai. December 2, 2020
Organic Anti Beat-Box Band 4a After Jackson discovers Nicholas playing his drumset, they start a band, causing a battle of the bands between them and Jackson's clones. Meanwhile, James and Nemo discover cars made by Jackson's grandfather, and attempt to sell them. December 9, 2020
Here We Come Gathering 4b The guys make a few scenarios based on one of Jackson's school plays. December 9, 2020
Day at the Beach 5 When the guys want to go to the beach for the first time, Jackson brings them to his favorite beaches. December 16, 2020
The C&H Central Christmas Special 6 The guys realize they haven't hosted a Christmas special, so they do all they can to make one. December 23, 2020
You Want to WHAT? 7a When Patrick reveals to Jackson about a plan he has with Leo to cause havoc in the local children's museum, Jackson must locate them to stop them. December 30, 2020
Dunkin Donuts 7b Nicholas becomes addicted to Dunkin Donuts, causing him to buy the entire industry. December 30, 2020
The Merger (Part 1) 8 A user at the Big Nate Comments Wiki from St. Louis shows up at the wiki and offers a possible merger between the two wikis, leaving Nicholas with the biggest decision of his life. January 6, 2021
The Merger (Part 2) 9 When Nicholas accepts the offer, several other users move into the house, causing several creative differences. January 13, 2021
Bust 'Em Up Good! 10a Jackson persuades Nemo to recreate the robots from the movie Real Steel, and the guys have weekly robot fights, January 20, 2021
The Mask 10b Wildcat steals one of Jackson's many masks, and uses it as a prank. January 20, 2021
Wiki Inspection Agency 11 A new organization goes up by the name of the Wiki Inspection Agency after the Big Nate Comments Wiki gets into a giant feud with one another. January 27, 2021
Guess Who's Back? 12 The Wiki Inspection Agency busts the Big Nate Comments Wiki, revealed to be an infiltration by Robert Stainton. February 3, 2021
Fanboy 13a A user who idolizes Jackson, nicknamed Creeper by Nemo, comes to the house. February 10, 2021
Up For Sale! 13b Patrick accidentally puts Jackson's entire CD collection on eBay, so Jackson must travel cross country to find the buyer. February 10, 2021
Quest for DCAH (Part 1) 14 Berry spins a tale of an old form of the wiki, called DCAH, so they go on a quest to find it. February 17, 2021
Quest for DCAH (Part 2) 15 The users find DCAH, which is at the brink of extinction. February 24, 2021
Episode title Episode number Plot Airdate
We've Returned! 1 When the guys finish filming their movie, they decide to spend their day relaxing. However, a user by the name of Daniel decides to return to the wiki who turned on him. July 14, 2021
Tricked 2 Daniel decides to trick the users into free vacations, driving them away from the wiki, putting him in complete control. July 21, 2021
Oh My God... 3 As Nicholas is relaxing in Spain, he catches an airing of a new Calvin and Hobbes show, where Calvin is nice and considerate. He decides to investigate.  July 28, 2021
The Wiki is Mine! 4 As Daniel begins getting rid of the users' old things, Nicholas begins looking for his friends. August 4, 2021
Making Allies 5 Daniel meets up with Duck, a user who detests the wiki, and offers to make an alliance. August 11, 2021

Running gags

  • A random object landing on a user's head after an insult.
  • Nicholas spitting his coffee on Patrick.
  • A user yelling, "NEMO!" and Nemo tosses over his truck keys.
  • Someone disagreeing with Jackson, and he says, "Get out."
  • Wildcat reaching for a user's (usually Nicholas') food, and the user reprimanding him.
  • Will running through the room when the users are having a discussion, chased by Henry, who is trying to hit him with a golf club and yelling, "Give me back my wolf mask!" This will sometimes end with Will and his pursuer running into another room and sometimes ends with Will throwing the mask at Henry, who will catch it and yell "Trade!" before throwing his golf club at Will, hitting him in the back and knocking him over.
  • Henry trying to buy Wolf Man posters from the comic shop, and the store owner offering them at an outrageously high price. Henry often tries wearing disguises, but it never works.

Film adaptation

A film adaptation, called C&H Central: The Movie, was released in summer of 2021 to prepare fans for Season 5.


  • In the Storyboards, C&HFW users are color-coded (Their shadows are colored differently) to tell them apart. The colors for each user is:
    • Navy-Blue (Nicholas)
    • Yellow (Jackson)
    • Aqua (Patrick)
    • Red (Will)
    • Sky Blue (Nemo)
    • Purple (Wildcat)
    • Light Pink (Berry)
    • Light Brown (Mabel)
    • Auburn (Henry)