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Attack of the Teacher Creature


Kevin Smith


Kevin Smith

Scott Mosier


Jackson Kelley

Bill Watterson

Kevin Smith

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Attack of the Teacher Creature is the second film in the garfieldodie saga directed by Kevin Smith. It is the third entry in the Calvinverse. It follows Calvin and Hobbes as they run away from home and encounter two other kids and unmask an ancient legend.


  • Jackson Kelley as Calvin
  • Taika Waititi as Hobbes
  • Elizabeth Banks as Mom
  • Bill Hader as Dad
  • Dakota Fanning as Susie
  • Christina Applegate as Rosalyn
  • Thomas Barbusca as Moe
  • Griffin Gluck as Andy
  • Ty Burrell as Sherman
  • Peter Mayhew as the Teacher Creature (vocals)
  • Charlie Day as the Man in the Suit
  • Kevin James as a Cop


As Calvin and Hobbes are relaxing during their summer break, their quietness is interrupted by a weird noise downstairs. Going to investigate, Calvin sees nothing wrong until he finds out the TV is gone. He interrogates Dad, who confirms he has locked it up, telling Calvin he should be playing outside. Mom also tells Calvin he has a doctor's appointment, the family is going to dinner at the Derkins' house, and the treehouse is being torn down. Calvin decides he's had enough, and decides to run away.

Once they have finished packing, they make their getaway. However, he is turned down by every house he visits. They arrive in an abandoned part of town, towards an elementary school. Hobbes is reluctant, because that's where the ancient legend known as the Teacher Creature resides. Calvin talks him into it, and that's their new home.

Calvin and Hobbes enter the building, and find it's a wreck. They decide to eat, and Calvin duplicates a bag of airline peanuts. Suddenly, a loud thump occurs. Thinking it's the Teacher Creature, they run for their lives, but find themselves locked in. The thumping is revealed to be a boy dribbling a basketball. The boy introduces himself as Andy, and he and Calvin compare how bad their lives are. Andy introduces Calvin and Hobbes to his pet hamster, Sherman, who also can talk. They hear a noise, and Calvin transforms into Stupendous Man.

Once the four hide in a closet, they are set free when the noises go away. Calvin and Hobbes say goodbye to Andy and Sherman and go hunting for the Teacher Creature. In an old gym, Calvin and Hobbes decide to play Calvinball, but accidentally find the Teacher Creature. They reacquaint themselves with Sherman and hit the ground running. Calvin finds their luggage, which had previously gone missing.

Hobbes is stuck with Sherman, who is boring him to death. Sherman says Andy wanted to see Calvin and Hobbes one last time. Eventually, Calvin and Hobbes reunite and grab their stuff. Meanwhile, Mom is steamed that Calvin had missed his appointments. Dad tries to calm her down. Calvin, Hobbes, and Sherman try to find Andy.

Mom and Dad can't find Calvin, and agree that they were being too hard on him. Calvin transforms into Stupendous Man again and fights the Creature. The Creature grabs Calvin and Hobbes and throws them into a classroom, where Andy is. Mom and Dad have recruited Susie, Moe, and Rosalyn, among others, to help with the search. A police officer finds Calvin's Stupendous Man cape, which had flown off after running from the Creature. Calvin, Hobbes, and Andy fall through the floor and find Sherman, who helps Calvin and Hobbes get down. Andy and Sherman leave right after. Calvin and Hobbes hear Mom and Dad's voices, and attempt to escape, but the Teacher Creature stops them.

Calvin and Hobbes escape the Teacher Creature, and in the process, accidentally unmask him, revealing a man. Mom and Dad reunite with Calvin and they go home. Much later, Calvin and Hobbes are safe and sound back home.


Song Artist Scene
Weightless All Time Low Opening credits
I Wanna The All-American Rejects Finding a new home
Thnks fr th Mmrs Fall Out Boy Running from the Creature
I Miss You blink-182 Searching for Calvin
Freedom Rage Against the Machine Unmasking the creature
Make Me Wanna Die White Reaper Credits
X-Kid Green Day Credits
Strawberry Swing Coldplay Credits