Andy, standing in the woods.

Oh, hey Woody.



Brown hair, Red shirt with orange 19


Pizza, Calvin, Hobbes, Socrates, Video games and MTM


Dr. Brainstorm, Sherman (sometimes), King Booger, and Ydna



Created by


Andy Adams is Calvin's new friend who "makes peace with the world". He has a hamster named Sherman. His favorite hobby is inventing stuff, which is why he has his own biology lab. Andy debuted in the Calvin and Hobbes: The Animated Cartoon Adventures episode Snow Goon Showdown. Since in the show they look like it was drawn by Bill Watterson, Andy looks more like Calvin since he is two years older than him. He is voiced by Mindy Kaling. In Calvin and Hobbes the Series and the Calvin and Hobbes Movie Saga,he is portrayed by Griffin Gluck.

It is revealed in Calvin and Hobbes Nickelodeon Sitcom that Rosalyn may be related to Andy in some way (even if he had never appeared in the show) because they both share the same last name. However that is not true, because the Andy in the series has the last name of "Saric".


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