Calvin and Hobbes Fanon Wiki
Because, compared to these ghouly ghouls, an alien is nothing!

Calvin has encountered aliens, both in his Spaceman Spiff fantasies and in real life.

Noted Aliens

  • Antarans
  • Ankorians (Passive, also Protective)
  • Akari
  • Bulrathi
  • Darloks
  • Elerians (Neutral)
  • Gnolams (Hostile)
  • Klackons (Hostile)
  • Meklars (Neutral, Hostile to Sillicoids)
  • Mrrshan (Mostly Passive)
  • Psilons
  • Sakkra (Passive)
  • Silicoids (Neutral, Passive to Sillcods, Hostile to Zorks, Zorgs and Meklars)
  • Silicods (Neutral)
  • Trilarian
  • Zokians (Unknown)
  • Zogians
  • Zorgs
  • Zorks (Hostile)