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Albert is one of the generic friends of Calvin who goes to his class at Jefferson Memorial Elementary School. He is usually placed in the social episodes. He appears in Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Adventures and Calvin and Hobbes: Coming To Life!, but in no movies.


In The Edge of the Old Tooth, Susie Derkins, Albert, Charlene, and Tiffany lose a tooth. They all make whistling sounds with the gap in his teeth. During the recess scene, Calvin's class have a contest on who can spit berry and apple juice the farthest. Calvin is bullied by them because he did a poor job.

Along with Calvin, Hobbes, and Russy White in The Super Fun Sleepover Party, Albert goes to the sleepover party at the school and battles Calvin's monsters when the power goes out.

In The Thumb of Doom, Calvin walks to Albert's house for a play date. When he opens his door, it is revealed that Albert is in the Johnson family. This makes Albert Calvin's neighbor, since in Calvin and the New Next Door Neighbor it is revealed that Mr. Johnson is Calvin's neighbor. Also, another thing reveals is that, as the title somewhat suggests, that Albert sucks his thumb. This makes Calvin not want to be his friend anymore.

Albert is pranked by Socrates like the rest of the cast in Jokes and Pranks. Albert is then never seen for until Season 6.

Albert plays a major role in The Albert Report. For an assignment Albert is chosen by Calvin, and so Albert tries to look good for Calvin so that he is not embarrased on the assignment.

In Andy Loses His Voice, Albert tells Calvin that ants can carry up to 20 times their weight and that aglets are the things at the tip of shoelaces.

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